Inexpensive Date Ideas in San Francisco

It’s hard to put together a great date on its own, but on a budget, it’s even more difficult. If you live in San Francisco, and need some date ideas that you can use for an inexpensive, yet fun date night, read on!

Explore the food trucks

This cute area with plenty of food truck is a great cheap date idea; you’ll be spending a fairly small amount of money for some great food, and supporting local businesses. Spark Social is known for being a community hub in San Francisco, and collaborates with over 150 local food trucks to provide a beautiful, comforting atmosphere.

Visit a beach

It’s summer! Grab your beach towels and umbrellas, and head out for a warm beach day. You can also pack a lunch as a romantic picnic if you want to save money on food. There are some great beaches for swimming if you want to cool down, but you can also visit one like Baker Beach, which has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

View the murals

Another great activity that is free in San Francisco is seeing the beautiful murals that artists paint across town. We recommend visiting Balmy Alley located in the Mission District of the city. These murals are constantly changing, making it a fun date activity to revisit the following year. While you’re there, this might be a great place to grab some pictures of you and your date.

Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

San Francisco’s cherry blossoms are the place to be in Spring. Japantown has all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms, and you can see them for free! The Japanese Tea Gardens and the San Francisco Botanical Gardens also feature cherry blossoms. This is a cute picture spot, in addition to a romantic walk through the city. The best dates are the ones where you get to spend quality time with your date, so use this as an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation. 

Stroll down Lover’s Lane

Going outside is always a great way to have an inexpensive date. Lover’s Lane is the place to have an intimate romantic moment in the city. The trail is an easy hike- only 0.6 miles. There’s also a beautiful bridge to grab some pictures on. This is a great short date that might be best complemented with some coffee or ice cream to add to the good vibes.


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Tips & Tricks for Making Friends in NYC

Navigating a large city, such as NYC, can be an arduous, but rewarding journey. So, you got a job, a place to crash, and food to eat. What’s next? Unfortunately, Friday night plans with your friends from back home aren’t available. Getting involved with the social life in a city scene, especially as an adult, can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible since it’s just so big, but we’re here with a couple of tips and tricks to help you make friends.

Co-live with others rather than going solo.

Though it may be scary and it may not turn out exactly like the friend groups in FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother, co-living is a great way to make deeper close connections with people who already live in the city. You may also find a crash pad that’s much cheaper than you would be paying for a single studio in New York; it’s already an expensive place to live in, so knock two birds with one stone by co-living.

Meet people through work.

Don’t skip out on the happy hours or the corporate socials. Those may very well be the place where you meet your next best friend or future partner. Your colleagues are people you’ll be seeing every day regardless of your social life, so it’s a great idea to ask them out for drinks and just casually chat. Be confident in yourself and go get them!

Use social media and apps.

Bumble isn’t just for romantic relationships. The BFF setting on Bumble will show you others who are also looking for friends in your area. Hit up someone new and try something a little different. There are plenty of people out there who are looking for new friends in the big city just like you, so it’s worth getting an account and just testing the waters.

Get a pet.

Your friends don’t have to be humans! Pets are great for bonding with a cute fuzzy animal and finding a friend who will be loyal and by your side for years to come. Plus, you can take out the little one for walks in the park, especially if they’re a dog, and that way you can also meet and bond with other pet owners. Pets are a great way to take care of yourself while also finding some companionship. 

Say yes as much as you can.

Turning down an event isn’t a bad thing, but turning down everything can be. When you’re invited to a party or a get together, try to say ‘yes’ as often as you can. Getting out there is the first step to making new friends. Meet them, see what their vibe is like, and put in the effort to get to know them. If it isn’t meant to be, that’s okay. But, the more you put yourself out there, the better of a chance you will have at making new friends.

Be honest, be authentic, be yourself.

This may be a given when it comes to meeting new people, but don’t pretend to be someone else. If you want to be friends with someone, you would want them to know the true you. So, gain some confidence in who you are, and show off your personality. Smile, be kind and humble, but also show your true colors. Be who you are when you meet people, and you just might end up meeting the Monica to your Rachel or the Joey to your Chandler!


Making friends can be an exhausting process, but you will get through it. Try something new and go out with someone new. Be cautious, but get out there. New York City is full of exciting adventures, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. 


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16 Best Date Spots in Denver

Hello Denver! We are finally launched in Colorado! We are excited to bring you our Phoenix date ideas that will help you and your partner with the next date night! Find some double date friends via our app to check out some of these places.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Delectable Egg

Breakfast at Delectable Egg in Denver is a not-to-miss. Their menu features all of the classic American-style breakfast options, including scrambled eggs, omelets, crepes, waffles, pancakes, and so much more. With several locations around Denver, Delectable Egg is a great choice for its casual diner-like atmosphere.

Crema Coffeehouse

Another great place to head to for a casual morning date is Crema Coffeehouse for a steaming hot (or iced) cup of joe. The coffee is made from an expertly roasted recipe, and there’s also fresh food made daily, in case you want a pastry to go along with your coffee. The prices are also exceptionally reasonable at Crema.

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge

If you and your partner are animal lovers, head to Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge to see some native wildlife. From bison to prairie dogs, there is a huge variety of beautiful animals to see. You can also get your morning steps in as you walk along the trails to enjoy the refuge.

Four Friends Kitchen

Who doesn’t love brunch? Four Friends Kitchen has one of the best brunches you can find in Denver. FFK’s menu features a Southern charming brunch with various standard breakfast and lunch options, too. The Southern-inspired restaurant is more of a contemporary-style restaurant with a bar.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Little India

Spice up your afternoon with a little bit of Indian cuisine. With an all-you-can-eat buffet, Little India has plenty of vegetarian and non vegetarian options, as well as a bar. They focus on producing delicious authentic Indian dishes.

Go Fish Sushi

With a complete sushi bar and a kitchen serving up entrees, Go Fish Sushi is the go-to place for sushi in Denver. The restaurant is a more easy going lunch spot with a drive-through as well, in case you and your partner enjoy staying at home for your lunch plans. 

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver is full of beautiful sights to see, and one of the things at the top of that list is the Denver Botanical Gardens. There are 18 different sites to see within the gardens, including a cactus garden, a green roof, and internationally-inspired gardens, too. Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance!

Roll Denver

Roll is a monthly themed skating event with a lights and sound show accompanied with skate rental. There’s also karaoke and dancing and it is relatively inexpensive to attend. The party occurs every third Friday of the month.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM


Take a two hour masterclass at Candeleria to explore candle making with your partner before heading out to a nice dinner. The candles you make will set overnight and you can take them home as a keepsake. This makes for a really cute couples night out!

Root Down

With both indoor and outdoor dining available, Root Down is a high energy restaurant with American-style cuisine. Expect a more upscale atmosphere, as this establishment offers more high-end menu items.

Lakeside Amusement Park

One of the most popular evening date spots in Denver is Lakeside Amusement Park. This park features exciting roller coasters, a 140-foot drop tower, a train that goes around the lake in the park with mountain views, and much more. You can also bring some food and have a picnic for dinner.

Olive and Finch Eatery

The local neighborhood eatery, Olive and Finch, is another lovely dinner spot. This is a more casual option with an all-day menu, meaning you can grab breakfast for dinner. With plenty of sandwiches, burritos, and hash options, Olive and Finch has delicious food accompanied by a casual homely atmosphere.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

The Corner Office

This restaurant and martini bar is great for grabbing a late night drink; they’re only open till 9 PM though, so be sure to head in a bit earlier. The modern comfort restaurant is a more upscale spot with a sleek bustling interior.

Escape Works

A little bit of competitiveness is fun on an evening date. Put your minds together to work through an escape room at Escape Works. With over 3000 five star ratings on Facebook, Escape Works is a recognized establishment for its difficult yet fun escape rooms. 

Little Man Ice Cream

A great way to continue a successful dinner date is to go out for ice cream. And, Little Man Ice Cream is just the place to be in Denver. With a line often out of the door, Little Man Ice Cream is a well known shop for its shape as well- like a milk jug. Ice cream makes for a magical ending to your date night.

Williams & Graham

This speakeasy bar is all about comfort and craft, hiding behind a mock bookstore. With delicious drinks and light fare, in 2018, Williams & Graham was named one of the top 23 secret bars in the world. The gorgeous bar is all about the experience.


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Best Date Spots in Phoenix

Hello Phoenix! We are finally launched in Arizona! We are excited to bring you our Phoenix date ideas that will help you and your partner with the next date night! Find some double date friends via our app to check out some of these places.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Irma's Kitchen

If you’re an early waker, head out to Irma’s Kitchen as early as 7 AM, where you can have some delicious breakfast. This casual Mexican breakfast restaurant is great for a lively conversation and comfort food. 

Morning Glory Cafe

Morning Glory is a signature Phoenix breakfast spot; they serve fresh omelets, smoked meats, and pastries. They also have a gorgeous patio outdoors with string light bulbs to provide an ambient atmosphere. Morning Glory is best known for its connection to the Farm at South Mountain, as they offer farm-to-table dining.

South Mountain Trails

Get active in the morning with your partner by visiting one of Phoenix’s many famous trails. South Mountain Park and Preserve has several trailheads worth visiting. In many of these trails, you and your date can spend some time conversing in a more intimate setting, while still being outdoors, as you bike, hike, walk, or run together. There’s also horseback riding available at some locations!

Lux Coffee

If you’re looking for more of a simple coffee date, Lux Coffee is the place for you. The shop offers an abundance of pastries, and, of course, some of the best tasting coffee in Arizona. They also offer cocktails on their menu.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Chelsea's Kitchen

A more high end option for lunch is Chelsea’s Kitchen, a Phoenix favorite. The establishment claims to be “a roadhouse celebrating the cuisine of the Great American Southwest”. They serve taco platters, wings, burgers, and other classic American favorites.

Marigold Maison

Craving some classic Indian street food? Be sure to visit Marigold Maison for a quick lunch! From Samosa to Gobi Manchurian, you can find all of the classic, comforting Indian dishes here. The Mango Kulfi is also a not-to-miss menu item at Marigold Maison.


If you and your date love taking pictures together, or just love art in general, Wonderspaces is a great place to go. This ever-changing art establishment creates interactive and immersive experiences. And, there’s a bar, in case that convinces you. ;)

Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is a great place to visit, even if you’re more than friends. This garden hosts different events and workshops, and is a great photo spot. You can also just enjoy nature and walk through the garden, and end with a picnic near Margaret T. Hance Park. 

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Binkley's Restaurant

For an upscale dinner date, visit Binkley’s, a reservation-based, fixed menu restaurant. The beautiful restaurant has a homely atmosphere, with lovely garden elements outside of the establishment. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to treat you and your date with something a bit more fancy.

Seoul Phoenix

BBQ and sushi is always a great option for dinner. Seoul BBQ offers delicious KBBQ at each dining table, with an individual grill. They also have an all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner menu, so come hungry! The award-winning restaurant is regarded as one of the best for sushi and BBQ.

The Macintosh

Another more high end New American dinner date option is The Macintosh. They offer many Southern-style options, such as grits, ribs, and classic burgers. The Macintosh focuses on how they source their food sustainably as well.

Imagine 3D Mini Golf

Spice up your classic dinner date with a fun game of 3D mini golf. This isn’t just your regular game of mini golf though; it’s 3D. With 3D glasses on, you can experience the murals painted on the walls pop out at you. You can also head out for a light dinner before or after visiting. 

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Thunderbird Lounge

This arcade-based lounge offers a wide variety of drinks, cigars, and hosts fun events to get to know the community. The 70s bar was named one of the best new bars by New Times, and one of Phoenix’s top drinking locations by Eater. 

Bitter & Twisted

Located in downtown Phoenix, Bitter & Twisted is a more upscale bar and cocktail parlor, rated in the top ten for ‘World’s Best Cocktail Menu’. They also host events, and serve basic bar food and snacks to go along with their delicious drinks. 


If you’re looking for a more romantic after hours date with your partner, go on a stargazing tour. With an experienced guide and night vision, you can experience the beautiful night sky in Arizona through a high-powered telescope. The company, Stellar Adventures, also offers ATV tours of the city.

Cobra Arcade Bar

Finally, Cobra Arcade Bar is your place to go for some friendly competition and drinks. The bar has a huge selection of games, DJs, and food trucks to fuel yourself. This bar has more of a vintage, casual feel to it.


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