Couples Dating: Get Started Dating a Married Couple

Marriage isn’t always easy, and neither is finding friends who match the dynamic of your relationship. Studies have shown that couple dates can actually be beneficial to the overarching health of relationships. Here at Couplr, we encourage couples to find a sense of community and support - and that is why we are going to walk you through ways to find couples to go on double dates with!

There are so many ways to put you and your partner out there and find other couples that match your energy! From apps to sites and everything in between, these ways are guaranteed to help connect you with other couples!

Is there a couples dating app?

Looking for other couples in the area can be a daunting task - that's why there’s an abundance of resources to help. There are so many couple dating apps as well as couple dating sites that offer free and helpful ways for you to find the perfect couple match! Here are just a few of the apps:


Feeld is an up and coming couple dating app that believes “nothing is more unpredictable or less binary than human relationships”. Their app is very inclusive and houses over 20+ sexualities and gender identities to choose from. Super interactive app and works worldwide - check it out!


Bind aims to alleviate every couple’s frustration by empowering them to do three things:

1. Explore relevant couple connections
2. Easily plan and schedule meetups
3. Expand their couples social network

Try out their very user-friendly interface and see what magic might come from it! 

Party of 4 App

Party of 4 has just recently launched and is already growing in popularity. They offer a tinder-like interface and in-depth conversation starters! In their words “Whichever stage of life you’re in, let Party of 4 connect you to your future best friends.” Give their app a go and see if it’s the right fit!

Couplr App

Last but not least, your local favorite - Couplr. Our goal here at Couplr is to build a community that becomes a lifestyle. Couplr acts as a community platform to bring like-minded couples together for socializing and fun! It aims to provide couples with the opportunity to find new friends in new places or even in their hometowns. Did we mention our app is completely ad-free?! Give it a shot and see if it’s right for you!

The best apps and dating sites for married couples

Couple friends can be difficult to find and make time for in a busy married life. Thankfully, all the apps listed above are some of the best for any type of couple - especially those who are married. All our married friends out there, try the above couples dating apps and the below free dating sites to find the perfect match! Hopefully, this makes the process that much easier for you too.

What are some free dating sites for couples?

Along with couple dating apps, there are a plethora of free dating sites for couples out there! We wish we could write about all of them, but here are two to start with:


Badoo is a location-based service. It’s designed to help you find people nearby who also share your interests. If you're looking to just hang with couples in a new city, or even to connect with people through events, this is the perfect site for you!

Kupple is an online community for couples seeking friendship, advice, or simply looking to try out that new restaurant in town. This site is a great, serious, site that primarily focuses on couple dating. 

Which apps for double dating are safe?

We always want the best sources for our Couplr family, which is why we can confidently say the apps for double dating discussed earlier are completely safe and free to use!

FAQs about starting couples dating

What is the best dating site for couples? & Badoo are two couple dating sites we recommend!

How do I meet other couples?

Using resources like online sites and apps are a huge help in finding other couples. 

How do couples socialize?

It might be awkward at first, as it usually is when you’re meeting someone for the first time, but getting to know each other takes time - everyone in this couples party can move forward together after the first few water-treading meetups! 

What do couples do with friends?

There are so many activities couples can do with other couples. From a fancy dinner date. to an arcade, or even something as simple as a walk in the park - the list is truly endless! 

What are fun date ideas?

Walk along a waterfront, eat a fancy dinner, have fun at an arcade, go to a renowned bar, watch a movie, plan a game night at home, get artistic, and so many more!

Finding People to Go On Double Dates With Just Got Easier

Relationships of any kind can have their ups and downs. Sometimes all that’s needed to spice things up is to meet new people who might be able to relate on a certain level. We hope this list of couple dating apps and sites will help you navigate and find the perfect new couple friends for you!

Who knows, maybe Couplr App will be the one for you! Make sure to check us out!


The Cutest Atlanta Date Ideas That Locals Love

We are so excited to be launching in Atlanta! This vibrant city has so many hidden gems, so we've put together our Atlanta date ideas!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Atlanta Breakfast Club

Kick off your morning with a classic Southern style brunch at Atlanta Breakfast Club. The diner is a modern retro area with all of the American staples you need for a brunch date. Plus, it’s just a three minute walk from the Georgia Aquarium, if you’re feeling like having a longer date after munching on some great pancakes or crispy fried chicken and waffles. 

Victory Sandwich Bar

If you and your partner prefer more of the casual brunch date vibes, Victory Sandwich is for you. The food is cheap and the drinks are delicious. The small spot has a patio and features ping pong tables for guests to play on. This is a not-to-miss spot in Atlanta!

Le Petit Marche

This French brunch spot is a great place to hit up on the weekend. The cafe features French pastries, such as croissants and beignets, and gourmet treats. They also offer stunning coffee and are well known for their stellar staff members and guest treatment.

Bach Fitness

Bach Fitness offers one-of-a-kind fitness classes, such as strength work, body work, and recovery, with a heavy focus on sculpting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. This spot is perfect for the fitness-focused couples, and their classes are definitely worth trying out. They also have virtual classes if you’re looking for a productive morning inside the comforts of your own home.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM


Tabla is the perfect spot to add a little bit of spice to your day. This modern spot serves contemporary South Asian cuisine, focused on bringing the essence of India together with a more modern twist. Their liquor is also spice-infused, providing for an exotic dining experience.

Atlanta Fair

From March 4 to April 10, the Atlanta Fair features unlimited rides, games, and food. Admission to the carnival is under $10 for any age, which makes for an inexpensive, but really fun date. The fair features a large selection of carnival food as well, so definitely worth checking out midafternoon.

The Food Shoppe 

“Home of The Creole Walk and Eat Bowls and Angie’s Famous Bread Pudding,” The Food Shoppe is a great spot to hit for lunch in Atlanta. They offer breakfast all day, and are the perfect place to hit for some Creole food and casual fun with your partner. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

For the nature lovers, visit Atlanta Botanical Garden for beautiful early afternoon views. Bring a picnic or some snacks while you’re at it, or dine at one of the cafes or restaurants in the garden. They have plenty of events and exhibitions, such as Origami in the Garden. 

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

3 Parks Wine

Wednesday nights, head over to 3 Parks Wine to taste 3-4 bottles of wine and learn more about the history and geography of the wine. 3 Parks also offers Outdoor Wine Flight Weekends, as well as mobile bar events, where they work with you on special events.

Bocca Lupo

Bocca Lupo is an Italian American restaurant featuring casual Italian cooking. This more lowkey spot is intimate and casual, but the food is absolutely delicious. Make sure to grab one of their creative cocktails and spend some time eating with your partner.

Punch Bowl Social

For a more fun take on a dinner date, head over to Punch Bowl Social. Not only do they have great food and drinks, Punch Bowl also offers VR, ping pong, billiards, bowling, and arcade games. Have some fun, eat some great food, and don’t forget to do some karaoke too before the night’s over.


Aria is one of Atlanta’s most elegant restaurants. This is definitely the place to go for a very fancy night out. Their menu features classic daily changing options, and an award-winning wine and cocktail list. In 2017, the restaurant also won an Outstanding Service Semifinalist award from the James Beard Foundation, so this is a definite not-to-miss date spot.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM


One of Atlanta’s signature experiences is visiting the Illuminarium. This experience is an immersive space, with after dark hours being only 21+. They use incredible technology with audio, vibrations, and scent systems to create a cinematic immersive experience. 

Starlight Drive In Theater

Starlight is the only drive-in theater in Atlanta, so it’s definitely worth checking out a late night movie. Snacks and tickets are both fairly inexpensive, and this is a great way to have fun with your partner while staying in the comfort of your car, and getting more intimate. 

Skyview Atlanta

This ferris wheel is the perfect little stop at the end of your night together. The view from the top of the wheel is absolutely stunning. Tickets are just $15, and you can also skip the line by taking an extended flight in the VIP gondola with a glass floor.

Joystick Game Bar

Drinks, games, and all of the fun you could have with the one you love- that’s Joystick Game Bar. They have all sorts of games for cheap, such as pinball, foosball, free board games, and cabinets. This is the perfect place to end your night with some casual fun.

Want to find more people to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is an app to meet couple friends launching near you to help you find your next double date!

Download Couplr to Find Couple Friends in Atlanta

Miami Date Ideas to Visit with your Date This Week

Sunny Miami! We have finally launched in this wonderful city! These are some of the best Miami date ideas that we have found that even locals love! Find some new friends on our app and check these places out.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Pura Vida Miami

Pura Vida is a health-focused brand that cares deeply about sustainability and social responsibility. They offer all-day breakfast, acai bowls, smoothies, and other sustainable healthy options for food. You don’t have to be a health-focused individual to enjoy the food at Pura Vida, so head over to grab your beautiful-looking breakfast with your partner today!

Knaus Berry Farm

Another great way to wake up is to go strawberry picking at the Knaus Berry Farm. When the weather is just right in Miami (aka November-mid April), this is a romantic morning spot to visit. The farm also offers small bites to eat, including pies and other sweet treats.

Cafe Bastille

This French cafe is absolutely incroyable (incredible). Inspired by Paris, France, its brunch menu is filled with delicious French pastries. They also offer crepes, and, of course, the standard brunch needs- bottomless mimosas, sangria, and more. It’s a great aesthetic place to hit in the morning with your partner.

Swan Miami 

Located in the heart of Miami's Design District, Swan is an indoor/ outdoor dining destination from hospitality mavens David Grutman and Pharrell Williams. It is a tres chic spot, offering European-style cuisine & a bar in a leafy space with a sidewalk cafe. 

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM


Explore the largest subtropical wilderness with a tour guide in the afternoon. Though it can be a little muggy, the Everglades have plenty for you and your partner to explore and activities to participate in, including, but not limited to, biking, hiking, bird watching, and kayaking.

Super Blue

This mirrored labyrinth is a beautiful and Instagram-worthy spot to have an afternoon date. Explore the different artworks with your partner and then grab a bite to eat at the Blue Rider Cafe.

Bombay Darbar

To add a little bit of spice to your afternoon, visit Bombay Darbar, an authentic Indian experience. They offer a lunch special, which you should definitely check out, and a huge variety of vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. You can also celebrate an anniversary or birthday here with some cake or wine; they’ll store it for you for a small fee.


If you’re looking for another side of Asian food, check out Enya, an Asian bistro. From snacks, to sushi & sashimi, to rice and noodle dishes, Enya has basically anything you could want from an Asian cuisine menu. You can also order catering or get delivery through their online platform, in case you have a lunch party or just want to have a chill night in with your partner. 

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Top Golf

This fan favorite spot across the US is just as great in Miami. Play some golf atop balconies, watch beautiful lights shine during the evening times, and eat some great American-style food with your partner, or other coupled friends!

East Hotels

Having a staycation is arguably one of the most romantic dates you can have with your partner. If you’re looking for luxury, East Hotels is for you. This hotel made the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List in 2022, and is a great place to hit up for dinner as well, as their restaurant is a huge hit, too.

Taquiza Tacos

If you’re looking for a more casual dinner spot, Taquiza Tacos is the perfect place to hit! Feel free to get delivery if you’re looking for a night in. Their menu offers a huge variety of different tacos and margaritas at a fairly affordable price.

Tacos are best shared with new friends, find them on our app! 

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM


Bowling, skating, drinking, dancing- you can find all of this and more at the Basement Miami. Though the nightclub is temporarily closed, the skate rink is lively with color-changing illuminations all around the place, and a great menu so you and your partner can munch on snacks. 

Mary Coin Laundry and Deli

If you’re looking for a more lowkey spot to hit for after hours, Mary Coin Laundry and Deli is open 24/7 for your snacking needs! They offer a nice variety of Cuban food and drinks. Mary Coin Laundry and Deli offer outdoor seating, making for a great casual dining experience.

Coyo Taco

Located in South Miami, Coyo Taco is a great Mexican restaurant to hit up late hours. For about $9-10, you can get up to two tacos, with all sorts of different combinations and varieties. They also offer burritos, salads, quesadillas, desserts, and, of course, the classic margaritas.

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles Restaurant has been the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant. They have an incredibly large selection of dining options, so you can get basically anything you would like. It’s also a fan favorite of Miami, so be sure to check it out!

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit to download the app and use it in Miami now!

Download Couplr to Find Couple Friends in Miami



Not to be confused with the seaside city of Maine, Portland definitely holds its own in more ways than one when it comes to the cities of the Northwest. With a bursting foodie scene, incredible beaches AND mountains and probably the best brewery scene in the country…Portland is a city you want to stay in and make lifelong friends in.

In order to make those lifelong friends, it can sometimes prove difficult since there are so many things to see and do. Couplr’s aim is to bring locals and visitors alike, together to explore what this amazing city has to offer. 

Check out our Portland date guide here.



Seattle may be the rainy city at times but that does not mean it limits you from doing all of the fun things it has to offer! With an amazing seafood scene, beautiful hiking trails and right by the ocean, there is no shortage of awesome things to do. The city is also home to diverse people who know how to make damn good coffee and beer! 

Seattle is also home to an ever-growing tech scene, with more and more people moving into the city every day. That can really make people feel like a small fish in a big pond and we hope Couplr can help locals feel like locals again and also make newcomers feel the same. With this expanding city, more places and things to try will pop up and we hope Couplr can provide you friends to do and see all those things with!

Check out our Seattle date guide here.

Portland Date Ideas: Your Next Date Night

Portland, Oregon we have arrived! The beautiful pacific northwest, find some new ideas for date night by using our Portland Date Ideas guide!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Hunny Milk

Just woke up? Head over to Hunny Milk, a cute brunch spot that currently has a donut-centered menu. They have a fixed price with which you can choose a savory dish, sweet dish, and a drink- including cocktails, coffees, mimosas, teas, and more. Hunny Milk has a cute, warming atmosphere that’s worth the visit.

Hike a Portland Trail

If you love getting active in the morning with your partner, this date idea is perfect for you. Portland is home to more than 70 miles of beautiful trails to hike, run, walk, and bike. Some are also great for a mountain biking date, or simply walking your dog together. Make sure to grab some coffee or a smoothie for extra energy for the day afterwards. Find your new hiking crew with some other like-minded couples via our app! 

Little Griddle Cafe

You can never go wrong with a brunch date! Little Griddle Cafe is a cute spot to visit in the morning to grab a not-so-little bite to eat. They sell classic American breakfast dishes, and offer all sorts of classic brunch drinks- cocktails, marys, coffee libations, and so much more.

Mother's Bistro

If you’re looking for something a bit more classy, Mother’s Bistro is for you. They have a lovely breakfast menu, with fairly inexpensive prices, and a wide array of drink offerings. The country-style restaurant sports beautiful chandeliers, creating a homey atmosphere perfect for a relaxing morning out.

Download our app here to find new brunch friends!

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Lunch Cruise

This beautiful two hour lunch cruise along the Willamette River is a great date to enjoy the warmer spring weather. The lunch is prepared fresh and the views are just incredible. There’s also live entertainment during the meal and commentary on all of the sights you pass by.

Oak's Park

One of the highlights of being in Portland is being so close to Oak’s Park, an amusement park. The park has been operating since 1905, so it’s worth checking out the fun rides, roller skating, minigolf, games, food, and more that they offer. It makes for a fun, thrilling lunch date.

Wine Tasting at Seven Bridges Winery

For those in Portland over 21 years, wine tasting is a great way to spend your afternoon with your partner. It’s an intimate experience of sampling delicious wines from the beautiful vineyards. 


Spice up your lunch date with a bit of classic South Asian food at Swagat. The restaurant is well known for its delicious thali deal, which encompasses a large variety of Indian foods for a smaller price. They offer the classic dishes a la carte as well.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Grand Central Bowl

For the more hyped dates, Grand Central Bowl is a great place to hit up to bowl and play games at their arcade. They also take reservations for dinner, so you can spend an ample amount of time here with your partner having fun.

Portland Food Carts

Exploring Portland means exploring the food culture, aka the food carts. Find the nearest food truck and try some of the small business’s best dishes. It makes for a great date as you’re trying new food together and exploring the area!

Lloyd Ice

This is a date you might table for the winter, but Lloyd Ice is a wonderful ice skating rink to hit up to ice skate with your date. Don’t know how to skate? No worries, they offer lessons and public skating times. They also offer broomball- hockey in sneakers- so be sure to check that out as well. 


If you’re looking for more of a fancy dinner date vibe, Canard is for you. Their dinner menu is heavily focused on French influences and creating unique dishes. The stylish venue is great for a luxurious romantic night out when you feel like splurging. They’re extremely popular though - with over 22K Instagram followers - so be sure to reserve a spot soon.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Watch a Musical at Keller Auditorium

The Keller Auditorium is a gorgeous venue boasting a wide range of performances, including Hamilton and concerts featuring artists such as Bastille. Be sure to grab some dinner beforehand so you can enjoy a beautiful performance. Get a group together for the next musical via our app. 

Pips and Bounce

Another fun, game-focused late night date is at Pips and Bounce. Play ping pong, drink, eat some snacks and shareables, and dance. It’s a great spot to get crazy and have some fun night out with your partner.

Chopsticks Karaoke

For the music lovers- head over to Chopsticks Karaoke. They offer in house drinks, including CBD, and serve various Asian snacks and dishes. The venue offers a huge variety of songs that you can sing to, and are open until 2 AM so you can party all night.


Located in North Portland, Interurban is a great late night date spot to hit up for upscale pub food and drinks. The retro decor gives the place a casual, warming vibe that is perfect for any late night date. The food has gotten incredible reviews, so even if you don’t drink, this is an awesome place to visit. 

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit to download the app and use it in Portland now!

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Seattle Date Ideas that You Need to Go To

We're in love with Seattle so we had to write about our favorite Seattle date ideas! Now on the west coast, our app allows you to find like minded couples in your city to go on these fabulous dates with! Which of these Seattle date ideas is your favorite?

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Bacco Cafe

Located in Pike Place Market, Bacco Cafe is the perfect spot to kick off your morning. The cafe is a fusion of Pacific Northwest cuisine and more modern style food serving classic breakfast and brunch dishes as well as a wide selection of wines, cocktails, juices, and beers.

Discovery Park

Exercise is a great way to get your body pumped and ready for the day, so consider going for a run with your partner in the beautiful Discovery Park. This 534 acre park has spectacular views of two different mountain ranges. There’s also a nice beach there to settle down and catch your breath after- maybe a mid morning picnic?

Geraldine's Counter

Named the best breakfast takeout and delivery in Seattle, Geraldine’s Counter is more than worth a visit. Breakfast is served all day, and consists of a huge selection of delicious dishes. If you’re going for a classic American breakfast diner vibe, this is your place.

Glo's Cafe

Glo’s Cafe has been operating and serving delicious coffee, breakfast, and lunch since 1987. At a moderately expensive price range, Glo’s Cafe has been commended for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and great staff.

Download our app today to enjoy brunch with some new friends! 

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Pike Place Market

The best dates always consist of some food. Pike Place Market is a perfect place to get some grocery shopping done while trying new foods and drinks. Don’t forget to visit the Gum Wall while you’re here!

A+ Hong Kong Kitchen

This Asian restaurant is a Seattle classic. A+ Hong Kong Kitchen serves Cantonese-style dishes, and offers takeout and delivery - perfect for those wanting to stay in and relax. They offer a huge selection of dishes, including desserts, making this the perfect spot to hit up for a flavorful lunch.

Woodland Park Zoo

What makes an afternoon date even better than just food? Cute zoo animals! Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats, and is a great spot to visit with your partner for the afternoon. Tickets are fairly inexpensive and if it’s winter, be sure to visit for the WildLanterns light show!


Another great lunch spot is Ciudad Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant. Inspired by the fusion of Spain, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, and more, Ciudad cooks their food over a grill. The spot itself is also beautiful with gorgeous wall murals. Take some beautiful group photos with your new friends by using our app to find couples interested in exploring Mediterranean cuisine!

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Space Needle

The Space Needle is a classic Seattle date night spot. Be sure to check out The Loupe, the world’s only revolving glass floor. Watching the sunset from up in the sky can be a romantic moment, so it’s definitely worth the visit. While you’re up there, the Space Needle has a restaurant and bar, so don’t forget to grab a bite to eat. 

Asadero Prime

Looking for something a bit more upscale? Asadero Prime is a lovely Mexican spot serving high quality cuisine. It started as a food truck, but since it was a Seattle favorite, the owners were able to expand into a beautiful brick-and-mortar location. 

 Rupee Seattle

For a little bit of fusion, visit Rupee Seattle, inspired by Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines. This spot serves an elegant dinner and drinks experience, with regional dishes from all across South Asia. The executive chef at Rupee was also named semifinalist to Best Chef in the Northwest for 2022. 

Go row boating on Lake Uni

Romantic rowboating isn’t just done in the movies. Paddling out to watch the sunset on a rowboat alone with your partner makes for an intimate night out. Lake Union is a gorgeous spot to set sail.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center offers a large variety of laser shows- combining music with lights to make a mind blowing experience. Though it closed down due to COVID, they will be back up and running in July 2022. Be sure to check it out for a romantic date night!

Golden Gardens Park

Picture this: after hours in the beautiful Golden Gardens Park, with a late night picnic, your partner throwing you grapes, the sun sets, it’s just you and them. Golden Gardens Park is another highlight of Seattle’s beautiful nature- from trails to sandy beaches, there’s always something to do, even late at night, at this park.

Nectar Lounge

If you and your partner are into live music, Nectar Lounge is the perfect place for you. Local artists often take the stage at this indoor and outdoor music venue. Maybe consider grabbing some ice cream after or some drinks to finish off a great night of music.

13 Coins

13 Coins is another great restaurant and bar for live music. The Peruvian restaurant is another one of Seattle’s classic spots to visit as it has been open since 1967. This spot is the perfect place to end your night with some dancing and eating some great food. 

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit to download the app and use it in Seattle now!

Download Couplr to Find Couples Friends in Seattle



Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are now launching in San Francisco! San Francisco is an incredible place to put down roots with a bursting tech scene, high end food scene and just a ton of community and culture in general. San Francisco is definitely a city that people can easily fall in love with! 

As great as San Francisco is, it’s still a big city that can be hard to make friends with. We are hoping Couplr can provide the opportunity for locals to get to know locals and their city even better. We hope it also serves as a way for visitors to create memories and connections with! 

Check out our SF date guide here

16 Local SF Date Ideas for Couples that You'll Love

SF we have arrived! Looking for some SF date ideas? Well look no further! We have 16 amazing spots for you to try with another couple using our app.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch SF date ideas: 8 AM - 12 PM

Pinhole Coffee

Start off your morning with a light breakfast at Pinhole Coffee, a gorgeous cafe merged with an artistic masterpiece. They serve all of the classic coffees and some pastries. Their art and coffee spot has been featured in the Washington Post, Eater, and more, and is definitely worth a visit.


For an elegant brunch experience, hit up Absinthe Brasserie and Bar. They serve exotic seafood dishes, and offer a wide selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. The French bar is one of the longest-running dining institutions in San Francisco, and has great reviews.

 Hole in the Wall Coffee

On a morning walk or run and need a pick me up? Hole in the Wall Coffee is an actual hole in the wall serving cheap, but delicious coffee and small bites. This is perfect for a more lowkey date vibe with your partner in between getting active together. Be sure to hit up one of the best scenic trails in the city as well.

Hilda and Jesse

Located in North Beach San Francisco, Hilda and Jesse is all about brunch without boundaries. They offer fun twists on the classic American diner dishes, and offer a well-built brunch tasting menu as well.

Afternoon, Lunch SF date ideas: 12 PM- 4 PM

Have a picnic in Golden Gate Park

One of the highlights of this city is the Golden Gate Park. Make some sandwiches or grab some food at one of the many restaurants located very close to the park. The city also hosts several annual festivals and concerts, so be sure to check those out as well.

Amber India

Craving a bit of spice, vibrance, and culture? Visit Amber India in the Bay area of San Francisco for this colorful restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. The San Francisco location also offers an endless weekend brunch and daily lunch buffets- all-you-can-eat! 

 Dandelion Chocolate

When is food not the perfect date? This lovely little shop sells all sorts of gift sets, pastries, hot chocolate, and even chocolate experiences. It makes for a perfect late afternoon stop with cookies and drinks.

Scopo Divino

Bottomless brunch, anyone?? Scopo Divino is a wine therapy spot serving delicious beverages and plenty of brunch dishes in a New Orleans style. The restaurant also occasionally has live music and events.

Find Your Lunch Date Pairing on the Couplr App in SF

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Bix Restaurant

With live music every night, San Francisco’s supper club, Bix Restaurant, is THE place to be in the city. The restaurant serves modern style cuisine, with a diverse selection of dishes. They also serve classic cocktails, beers, and wines, and are open 7 days a week. 


This beautiful classic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to go for a classy night out with your partner. And, if you want to stay in, Cotogna at Home is available for you to order from a select seasonal menu of pastas, pizzas, and meats for pick up. 

Foreign Cinema

Films from the past with food from the future- Foreign Cinema is a lovely spot for a dinner date. They offer a wide array of European-style dishes, and display all sorts of art and films from the 1900s. 

Urban Putt

You can never go wrong with a dinner date with mini golf. This cute spot is inexpensive, and has an Upstairs Restaurant that you can grab a quick bite at if you have a reservation. A little friendly competition is always fun for a date night out with your partner.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Mission Bowling Club

More late night competition, but with a bigger ball- bowling at Mission Bowling Club is a great date spot for you and your partner to relax and let out some steam with some drinks and bowling. Be sure to make a reservation if you would like to dine in though! The more the merrier when it comes to bowling! Find some new friends and go on a double date here using our app. 

The View Lounge

This gorgeous lounge spot is great to hit up for some late night drinks. The panoramic views will be *almost* as stunning as your date. The lounge also offers small plates, snacks, and desserts along with its wide selection of drinks. 


This historic pub is attached to the Graduate Hotel, and is a great place to go on a staycation with your partner for a night. They offer a full dinner, but with a smaller, more intricately crafted menu. The drink menu is plentiful though and the space is just beautiful.

Blackbird Bar

And, finally, we have one last bar to hit up before the night ends. Blackbird Bar has more of a rustic feel to it. They offer a much wider selection of drinks, with new creations on their menu as well. 

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit to download the app and use it in San Francisco now!

 Download Couplr to Find Couples Friends in SF



Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are now available in Los Angeles! Los Angeles is a vibrant and thriving city with people that just know how to vibe.  If you want to workout and go for a hike, there’s people for that. Want to just grab coffee or happy hour? Go to a concert, go to a club? People for that too! From beautiful beaches to Hollywood Hills, incredible hiking and insanely good restaurants, Los Angeles has everything to offer and more, including its people! 

Los Angeles is also huge and can be a tough city to really settle in because of the fact it has so much to offer. We hope Couplr can be a way to find your tribe while doing everything LA has to offer. We also hope this connects visitors with locals to keep on coming back to sunny Los Angeles! 

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