Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are now launching in San Francisco! San Francisco is an incredible place to put down roots with a bursting tech scene, high end food scene and just a ton of community and culture in general. San Francisco is definitely a city that people can easily fall in love with! 

As great as San Francisco is, it’s still a big city that can be hard to make friends with. We are hoping Couplr can provide the opportunity for locals to get to know locals and their city even better. We hope it also serves as a way for visitors to create memories and connections with! 

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16 Local SF Date Ideas for Couples that You'll Love

SF we have arrived! Looking for some SF date ideas? Well look no further! We have 16 amazing spots for you to try with another couple using our app.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch SF date ideas: 8 AM - 12 PM

Pinhole Coffee

Start off your morning with a light breakfast at Pinhole Coffee, a gorgeous cafe merged with an artistic masterpiece. They serve all of the classic coffees and some pastries. Their art and coffee spot has been featured in the Washington Post, Eater, and more, and is definitely worth a visit.


For an elegant brunch experience, hit up Absinthe Brasserie and Bar. They serve exotic seafood dishes, and offer a wide selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. The French bar is one of the longest-running dining institutions in San Francisco, and has great reviews.

 Hole in the Wall Coffee

On a morning walk or run and need a pick me up? Hole in the Wall Coffee is an actual hole in the wall serving cheap, but delicious coffee and small bites. This is perfect for a more lowkey date vibe with your partner in between getting active together. Be sure to hit up one of the best scenic trails in the city as well.

Hilda and Jesse

Located in North Beach San Francisco, Hilda and Jesse is all about brunch without boundaries. They offer fun twists on the classic American diner dishes, and offer a well-built brunch tasting menu as well.

Afternoon, Lunch SF date ideas: 12 PM- 4 PM

Have a picnic in Golden Gate Park

One of the highlights of this city is the Golden Gate Park. Make some sandwiches or grab some food at one of the many restaurants located very close to the park. The city also hosts several annual festivals and concerts, so be sure to check those out as well.

Amber India

Craving a bit of spice, vibrance, and culture? Visit Amber India in the Bay area of San Francisco for this colorful restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. The San Francisco location also offers an endless weekend brunch and daily lunch buffets- all-you-can-eat! 

 Dandelion Chocolate

When is food not the perfect date? This lovely little shop sells all sorts of gift sets, pastries, hot chocolate, and even chocolate experiences. It makes for a perfect late afternoon stop with cookies and drinks.

Scopo Divino

Bottomless brunch, anyone?? Scopo Divino is a wine therapy spot serving delicious beverages and plenty of brunch dishes in a New Orleans style. The restaurant also occasionally has live music and events.

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Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Bix Restaurant

With live music every night, San Francisco’s supper club, Bix Restaurant, is THE place to be in the city. The restaurant serves modern style cuisine, with a diverse selection of dishes. They also serve classic cocktails, beers, and wines, and are open 7 days a week. 


This beautiful classic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to go for a classy night out with your partner. And, if you want to stay in, Cotogna at Home is available for you to order from a select seasonal menu of pastas, pizzas, and meats for pick up. 

Foreign Cinema

Films from the past with food from the future- Foreign Cinema is a lovely spot for a dinner date. They offer a wide array of European-style dishes, and display all sorts of art and films from the 1900s. 

Urban Putt

You can never go wrong with a dinner date with mini golf. This cute spot is inexpensive, and has an Upstairs Restaurant that you can grab a quick bite at if you have a reservation. A little friendly competition is always fun for a date night out with your partner.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Mission Bowling Club

More late night competition, but with a bigger ball- bowling at Mission Bowling Club is a great date spot for you and your partner to relax and let out some steam with some drinks and bowling. Be sure to make a reservation if you would like to dine in though! The more the merrier when it comes to bowling! Find some new friends and go on a double date here using our app. 

The View Lounge

This gorgeous lounge spot is great to hit up for some late night drinks. The panoramic views will be *almost* as stunning as your date. The lounge also offers small plates, snacks, and desserts along with its wide selection of drinks. 


This historic pub is attached to the Graduate Hotel, and is a great place to go on a staycation with your partner for a night. They offer a full dinner, but with a smaller, more intricately crafted menu. The drink menu is plentiful though and the space is just beautiful.

Blackbird Bar

And, finally, we have one last bar to hit up before the night ends. Blackbird Bar has more of a rustic feel to it. They offer a much wider selection of drinks, with new creations on their menu as well. 

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit couplr.io to download the app and use it in San Francisco now!

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Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are now available in Los Angeles! Los Angeles is a vibrant and thriving city with people that just know how to vibe.  If you want to workout and go for a hike, there’s people for that. Want to just grab coffee or happy hour? Go to a concert, go to a club? People for that too! From beautiful beaches to Hollywood Hills, incredible hiking and insanely good restaurants, Los Angeles has everything to offer and more, including its people! 

Los Angeles is also huge and can be a tough city to really settle in because of the fact it has so much to offer. We hope Couplr can be a way to find your tribe while doing everything LA has to offer. We also hope this connects visitors with locals to keep on coming back to sunny Los Angeles! 

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16 Los Angeles Date Spots That You'll Love!

We are now in Los Angeles! We'd love to help you discover new spots in this huge city. Read on below for some of our LA date ideas.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch LA Date Ideas: 8 AM - 12 PM

Blu Jam Cafe

Now with seven locations, Blu Jam Cafe is the perfect spot to head to no matter where you are located in Los Angeles. The cafe is always offering some sort of breakfast special that you can enjoy with your partner, and focuses on creating gourmet dishes with local and organic ingredients. Going to brunch is one of the most perfect LA date ideas! 

Leo & Lily

If you’re looking for a more casual vibe for your date, Leo & Lily is for you. Located in Woodland Hills, this brunch spot offers the classics, like omelets and french toast. They have three different patios and also offer a wide variety of drinks to pair with the hearty brunch. 

Find Your Brunch Date Pairing on the Couplr App in LA

Walter’s Cafe

Breakfast in Bed? Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Walter’s has been a part of the community for over 71 years. They offer the number one best delivery and catering service in Beverly Hills and are a great way to order food so you don’t have to go out early in the morning. 

Go for a morning workout at Wilfit

Getting active with your partner is always a plus! Wilfit is a sports club located in LA’s Koreatown. They offer monthly plans and packages, and offer personal training sessions that you can buy with your partner to workout. Don’t forget to grab a healthy breakfast afterwards, or go home and make a smoothie with some avocado toast- always a winner. Working out can be more fun with friends! Download Couplr and find another couple to workout with. 

Afternoon, Lunch LA Date Ideas: 12 PM - 4 PM

Visit the Venice Canals

Could you get any closer to romance? The Venice Canals are like walking through Europe, but actually in LA. They first opened as a beach resort town, but now most canals are filled in to make roads. This free date spot is worth checking out - maybe bring a picnic for after and enjoy with those friends you made on the Couplr app!

Perch LA

We love a late brunch! Perch LA is a brunch and dinner spot serving glamorous French cuisine on a rooftop terrace. If you’re looking for elegant and fancy, Perch LA is the spot for your next date. And, don’t forget the dress code- be sure to come dressed in upscale casual.

Huntington Library, Art Museum, & Botanical Gardens

If you and your partner love books, arts, or plants, this is the place for you. Huntington offers sights to see and is THE spot for a picture perfect picnic. They also have a cafe and a coffee shop if you’re looking for a quick bite in between all of the adventures. 

India’s Restaurant

This one is for the foodies. All-you-can-eat Indian lunch buffets are the perfect way to fill up your stomachs and have delicious cultural food. They also offer a weekend brunch, and prices are not too expensive. 

Evening, Dinner LA Date Ideas: 4 PM - 8 PM

Candlelight Concerts

Looking for a little romance and fun? Candlelight Concerts are concerts performed by live musicians lit up by candles at night. For example, tributes to Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Adele are all concerts occurring soon. Tickets go fast, so be sure to book this date in advance.

Tito's Tacos

Located in Culver City, the half an hour drive from LA to Tito’s is worth it. Tito’s Tacos is a Mexican restaurant that has been open since 1959. They offer a wide variety of tacos, burritos, tamales, enchiladas, and more, and serve them at fairly cheap prices.

Echo Park Lake

Though it has a small entry fee to the pool, Echo Park Lake is the perfect romantic location for an evening swim and picnic. There’s also a large variety of flora and fauna, and you can also rent boats if you want to get out onto the water and admire the beautiful scenery.

Grand Central Market

The Grand Central Market is another LA classic. The market has all sorts of vendors from all different cultures, and is a great spot to hit up for an early snack or dinner. They also host events, such as the Weekly Bazaar, and the spot has a rich history that you can learn more about by visiting.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Mission Tiki

A late night date pairs well with a late night drive-in movie. From the comfort of your car, you and your partner can enjoy a screening of various movies for just $10 each. Many vendors also come to the screenings to sell snacks that you can munch on.

LA Dinner Cruise

Looking for something a little more upscale? Book a dinner cruise from 7-9:30 PM from Marina Del Rey. You can expect a duet entree with a gourmet meal, and beverages. It’s a romantic evening- the music, the energy, the vibes- it’s not to miss!

LA Illusions & Lala’s Grill 

If you’re looking for something more interactive, LA Illusions is for you. Located in Hollywood, this experience is great for taking pictures with your partner and enjoying fun art that comes to life. Feeling hungry after? Head over to Lala’s Grill, an Argentinian restaurant. 

Gold Diggers

Open until 2 AM, Gold Diggers is a great bar to visit if you’re looking for a sexy night out. Book a room, pop open a bottle of champagne or wine, and relax- or maybe hit up the dance floor.

Want to find another couple to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Visit couplr.io to download the app and use it in LA now! For more LA date ideas, check out our blog!

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Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are launching in Philadelphia! The city of brotherly love is the perfect setting to foster meaningful lifelong friendships. From historical landmarks to a vibrant live music scene and  the best cheesesteaks you’ll ever have… Philadelphia is a city that keeps on giving! 

Being the biggest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia can definitely be a difficult city to make friends with as a couple. We hope Couplr gives you the chance to make friends with locals in your city and explore what it has to offer as it continues to grow and flourish. We also hope this gives visitors a chance to connect with locals and keep on coming back to this amazing city!

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16 Cute Date Ideas for Philadelphia Locals

Philly Local Date Ideas

Our next city that we are excited to be launching in is Philly! Looking for some great spots for a Philadelphia date night? Well grab your favorite couple for your next double date at one of these local joints!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Grab some breakfast at Beiler’s Bakery & visit the Museum of Illusions

Morning dates can be hard to set up because sleeping in is always so appealing. But, breakfast at Beiler’s Bakery is more than worth it. Their donuts are some of the best in Philadelphia. After the caffeine from your morning coffee kicks in, be sure to hit up the Museum of Illusions - makes for a great midmorning photoshoot and a fun time with your partner.

Sabrina’s Cafe

With just 5 locations, the Philly Art Museum location of Sabrina’s Cafe is also worth checking out for a nice brunch. It’s considered “THE brunch place of Philadelphia,” and offers New American cuisines. Though it’s usually a bit busy, it’s worth the wait because the cafe is so cute and has wonderful people and food.

The Landing Kitchen

The Landing Kitchen is a breakfast-all-day restaurant that serves everything from coffee and cocktails to sandwiches and gourmet toast. The rustic kitchen is a beautiful space to spend an intimate morning with your partner.

Front Street Cafe

This brunch spot is all about providing sustainable and healthy eats. In addition to the usual drinks, they serve all sorts of light breakfasts, with other heavier offerings as well, such as meat. Price-wise, Front Street Cafe isn’t all too bad either. If you’re looking to share a casual experience with couple friends, the Couplr app can help you match with the right pair today. Front Street Cafe would be a great casual brunch spot to meet up for a first double date!

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Have a picnic in the Morris Arboretum

Nothing beats a picnic date! The University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum is the perfect place to start. Grab some classic sandwiches, strawberry, champagne, cheeses, and the whole spread, and head over to the beautiful garden with sculptures and gorgeous plants. Maybe stop by later in the night too, for their Moonlight & Roses event to dance with your partner.

Take a romantic hot air balloon ride

If you’re looking for a more unique early afternoon date, taking a hot air balloon ride is definitely up there. You can also book an engagement or a wedding ride. The ride is approximately one hour, and they even treat you to champagne with the pilot. This makes for an absolutely unforgettable afternoon with your date.

Go axe throwing & grab some ice cream afterwards

Who doesn’t love casually throwing axes and letting some heat out? This fun and exhilarating activity is a great way to end the week and blow off some steam with your partner. To cool off, make sure to grab some ice cream from Weckerly’s, a Philadelphia-exclusive ice cream shop.

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The Love

The Love is a fine dining establishment serving American food. This restaurant is Aimee Olexy and Stephen Starr’s third collaboration, and Stephen’s 20th restaurant in Philly. If you’re looking for incredible food, The Love. is the place for you.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Royal Boucherie 

End off your day with an elegant dinner at Royal Boucherie, another fine dining restaurant. Their short high-end menu is perfect for a fancy night out. Royal Boucherie also allows private events, so if you want you can bring a whole group in and have a more social couple’s night out!

Take a stroll in a vineyard

Romance is in the air… and wine! Check out these classic wine tastings at Crossing Vineyards. The 20-acre vineyard has a dozen different grape varieties, and makes for a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

Watch the sunset at the Longwood Gardens

Another romantic evening activity would be at the Longwood Gardens. Longwood features beautiful fountains, and hosts various events and performances throughout the year. If outdoor events are more your speed, you can bring in another couple to enjoy them with you. Download Couplr and start looking for couples in Boston that share the same interests as you. You can make a sunset date even better by grabbing some food nearby and making it a picnic — just you, your partner and your favorite double date pairing!

Have a romantic private date night at The Head and The Hand

Philly’s unique date spots never end- The Head and The Hand is a beautiful book shop that you can rent out for the whole night for a private date night. The nonprofit publisher and community bookstore is perfect for the book nerds who want to spend a couple of hours reading and sipping on some complimentary wine.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Libertee Grounds 

Get your competitive spirit ready for some mini golf! Grab some drinks at the bar and head over to the grounds where you can spend the night playing your partner in golf. Libertee has a great friendly atmosphere for a fun night out with your date.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Grab a bite to eat at the outdoor dining area, and watch the beautiful technicolored lights illuminate the floating gardens. The urban beach opens spring through the fall, and is especially popular during the night when the lights are turned on. It’s great for an intimate night out where you and your partner can just talk. 

The Library Bar at Rittenhouse

The Library Bar is considered one of the best hotel bars- until 10 PM, they also serve dinner. The modern style of the bar is a fancy, yet lowkey place to just spend some time with your partner. If you’re really looking to get fancy, consider a staycation at the Rittenhouse Hotel.

Thirsty Dice

Food, ice cream, drinks, and board games- what more could you need? The board game cafe has over 800 games to choose from, and is only $5/per person for 2 hours of unlimited access. It’s cheap and a casual place to have fun.

Want an app to meet couple friends and visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends! Download the app and use it in Philadelphia today!

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Date Ideas in Boston That Even Locals Will Love

Boston Local Date Ideas!

Exploring Boston soon? Here's our first of many, Boston date night guide! Find some couple friends on Couplr and use it to visit some of these local hotspots. Use our guide for some creative date ideas in Boston!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM


Start off your day with your date by grabbing brunch at Sonsie, a highly rated classy restaurant serving International cuisines. Enjoy some coffee or cocktails with your morning eggs, and appreciate the intimate setting of this American bistro and wine bar.

Get active together at BURN Fitness Studio

If you love working out, nothing beats an early morning fitness routine with your partner at BURN Fitness Studio. Be sure to grab some early morning coffee or smoothie and bring your workout gear. BURN is a boutique fitness studio featuring a myriad of fitness classes, virtual and in person. They also offer personalized one-on-one sessions. If you struggle with accountability, you can download Couplr and find another couple that’s also motivated to work out. Feel the BURN!

Terra at Eataly Boston 

“Inspired by earth and fire,” Terra at Eataly is an Italian grill that serves herb-infused cocktails, and other classic Italian cuisine. The traditional Italian restaurant has a lovely brunch that you should definitely check out with your partner.


Sofra is a more lowkey breakfast place to hit up if you’re feeling like enjoying a special moment with just you and your partner. This bakery and cafe is inspired by Turkish delicacies, and offers everything from coffee to shawarmas, mezes, pastries, pies, and more.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM


This date spot is a great idea for a chill weekend where you and your partner feel like having some friendly competition. The A4cade is the place to start– this 21+ speakeasy style bar is the perfect spot to grab a quick drink and play some games. A4cade also has their own menu featuring casual fare, including burgers, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and more.

Fenway Park & The Emory

Calling all sports fans! Your favorite baseball stadium, Fenway Park, is open for tours. Take a tour of the ballpark with your partner and head over for a late lunch at The Emory, a modern American restaurant. This combo is great for mixing up the casual with the elegant sides.

Meet Sports Fans and Foodie Couples on the Couplr App in Boston

Have a picnic at the Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum is an essential to visiting Boston. Take some homemade sandwiches, grab some classic lemonade and a picnic blanket, and go check out the absolutely beautiful scenery at the arboretum. The 281 acre preserve is the perfect spot to relax with nature and enjoy some romantic time with your partner.

The Q Restaurant

Craving an Asian fusion experience? The Q Restaurant is a lovely Chinese restaurant to visit for lunch. The lounge offers hot pot and sushi, and serves drinks as well. They also provide valet parking.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM


Yvonne’s isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a whole experience. There’s a hidden Gallery inside of Yvonne’s main bustling floor, making it the perfect place for an intimate getaway. The decor in the restaurant is absolutely stunning as well; their furniture is medieval style and features plenty of gorgeous chandeliers.

Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

Who doesn’t love ending their day with some hot, fresh Indian food? Vaisakhi is a top-rated Indian restaurant in Boston. Their menu features some of the classics- from biryani to tandoori, every dish is stunningly put together. Dine in opens Monday, July 5th, so be sure to go check out this home away from home. 

Take a mini cruise at the Boston HarborToro

If you’re looking to splurge, this date combo is perfect for you. These cruises are great for watching the sunset, prices ranging from $50 to more than $200 per person. The water is gorgeous and definitely worth having your rom-com worthy moment in. If you’re feeling hungry after this early evening, check out Toro, a Spanish tapas restaurant and bar- makes for an elegant end to a sophisticated night.

Time out Market Boston

Time Out Market is a Boston-favorite, and is always bustling with shows and events. They feature fish, seafood, meat, vegetarian options, and sweets and desserts, as well as drinks. The restaurant was created by a media company aiming to bring people together for a dining, cultural experience.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Tavern of Tales

The Tavern of Tales is another great place to hit up for some friendly competition. They serve sandwiches, snacks, and cocktails, but more importantly, they carefully curate board game experiences. These aren’t just your regular “Sorry” or “Monopoly” games; you can find uniquely crafted board games, such as “Tokaido” and “The Resistance.” While it might be nice to spend an evening here with your partner, board games are always better with a crowd. Grab the Couplr app to help find couple friends near you and liven things up!

 Legal Rooftop Bar

Legal Rooftop has the best late night drinks vibes in Austin. Their contemporary bar is located on top of the Boston Harborside, and serves seafood along with drinks. They’re on the Boston waterfront, which makes for the perfect late night views.

Stargaze at the Coits Observatory

When the sky is clear, Coits Observatory is here. Tickets are required to visit, but the views are absolutely stunning. This date would be a wonderful romantic experience, and is a great way to sit down, take a beat, and reconnect with your partner.

Catch a midnight streaming at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

If you’re both movie-lovers, be sure to visit the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Grab some popcorn and snacks, and settle in for some of their viewings. Coolidge is a nonprofit, and aims to bring people together through film, so it’s a great place to watch a short film; and they do stream the more popular films that come out, too!

Want an app to meet couple friends and visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is launching near you to help you find your next double date friends. Download the app and use it in Boston now!

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Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are launching in Boston! From the seafood, to the history, to the sports… the city of Boston has so much to offer and that is only growing.  We believe that its people have so much to do together as the city continues to evolve and expand!

Boston is a gem of New England and its people are so incredibly special. The city has so many spots to explore, with new things popping up everyday. 10 years ago, the Seaport was definitely not the explosive scene of restaurants and stores that it is today. We hope Couplr provides a way to fulfill your social life as a couple when life sometimes gets too busy to focus on that. We also hope this serves as a way for locals and visitors alike to create meaningful, life long friendships in the realm of impeccable seafood and undefeated sports teams! 

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16 Charming Spots for Dates in NYC for Locals

Looking for some creative double date ideas in NYC? Well we've got you with any occasion below. Find our dates in NYC guide below and let us know what you think!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Looking for some Indian cuisine to spice up your mid-morning? Baar Baar NYC is a lovely contemporary date place to go to for brunch. From more modernistic creations, such as the Chili Cheese Naan, to the classics, like Chicken Tikka Masala, Baar Baar’s selection of brunch items have a wide range, and all have a slight twist on them making a date experience worth having. 

Located on the lower east side of New York, Pause Cafe is a Moroccan-inspired and Moroccan-owned coffee shop that sells not just delicious coffee, but also crepes and other light fare, such as superfood bowls and features a juice bar. The cafe aims to be more sustainable and reduces food waste with every cup they sell. It’s also decorated quite extravagantly and would make a great place to grab a quick cup of coffee to chat on your date!

If you’re looking to pair a nice brunch with a fun activity, be sure to check out 1000 Boxes and The Alcove in Queens. 1000 Boxes is an audio-visual thrill live game experience, with a very fun, party vibe. After an intense round of playing and you’re craving a small bite, head over to The Alcove, a Latin fusion restaurant serving a great selection for brunch.

Rustic brunch time? Yes, please. iNINE bistro is a rustic, international cuisine-focused restaurant. Located in the Bronx, they serve a variety of American foods, chicken, salads, and more. Since brunch is a meal best enjoyed with others, you can download Couplr and find another couple to share this delicious meal with. They are also available for orders from UberEats, GrubHub, Seamless, Doordash, and Postmates, so if you’re looking for a nice morning in, iNINE might be the one for you.

Find Your Brunch Date Pairing on the Couplr App in NYC

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Have more time to kill? This date can last a couple of hours- first, go kayaking on the Hudson River for some beautiful views and an exciting experience. Best of all, from May to October, it’s free! So, definitely be sure to table this date for the summer months. Then, head over to the Hole in the Wall, a modern restaurant that sells pasta and meat-based dishes — a great place to end your midday date.

This Mediterranean restaurant in Brooklyn is a great place to stop for a quick bite for lunch. Olea’s menu features a wide selection of tapas and is perfect for a small sip of sangria. 

Located in Queens, Seva is an Indian restaurant with a whole array of classic Indian dishes and carry-out trays. The restaurant has been applauded for its simplicity and coziness and is definitely a great place to check out for your date, whether takeout or dine in.

A great way to not only spend time with your date on a deeper level but also eat food would be to take a cooking class at Union Square Park together. This is a fun activity where you can learn how to work together to create something delicious and enjoyable. 

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

This classy New Orleans-inspired dinner spot brings sexiness and bursting flavor to your date. With a menu that could satisfy just about anyone, and drinks that have a $3 discount during happy hour, 1803 is just the place to visit for a nice dinner. Fun fact: 1803 NYC is actually named after the Louisiana Purchase.

Looking for something a bit more upscale? This date combo is the one for you. First, catch a ride at sunset on a helicopter with your partner. The romance doesn’t just stop at the beautiful sights, though. Head over to Mari, a Michelin star chef’s Korean restaurant afterward, serving visually stunning Korean cuisine.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a date night that’s a little more casual, visit Ten Degrees for Happy Hour in the East Village; they serve 2-for-1 cocktails that are definitely worth trying. The pleasant unfussy vibe is perfect for hanging with those friends you made on the Couplr app with private intimate setting that makes for a great quick dinner or drinks.

This is a classic date night for New York- visit Central Park to take a ride on the famous carousel. It closes at 6 PM, so afterward, head over to Osteria Cotta Winebar for an intimate dinner with Italian food and drinks. The combo makes for a classic romantic, but exciting date night.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

The Diner Bar is a great restaurant in Queens to start at for casual late-night eats. It’s a more intimate evening dinner setting with pretty neon lights and a buzzing atmosphere. Their menu features mostly American food but also serves pasta and fajitas.

If you and your partner are movie lovers, check out the Rooftop Cinema Club on West 37th. The club offers private screenings and experiences that are great for a late night out in the city. Watch something, pick up some popcorn and drinks, and have a great time.

The Upstairs at 66 is a great spot for those couples that love to compete. This spot has a huge variety of games from shuffleboard to ping pong and skee ball. It’s a lovely intimate spot to grab some drinks and have some fun late in the night with your date.

This bar and lounge in the Lower East Side is a great pick for an elegant ending to the night. The menu features a great variety of drink options and the views of the heart of downtown Manhattan are just absolutely stunning.

Want to find more people to visit these incredible date spots with? Couplr is an app to meet couple friends launching near you to help you find your next double date!

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Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are launching in New York City! New York City is one of the most incredible cities in the world where we have very fond memories. We absolutely love NoMo in Soho, one of our favorite restaurants as well as hotel! The Freedom Tower is always a must-see for us too, whenever we visit! 

New York City is filled with unique spots meant to be discovered with just as unique people like yourselves. It can be a daunting city to make friends in and we hope Couplr provides the connections you guys are looking for to fulfill your social life as a couple. We also hope this serves as building connections for visitors who will make lifelong friends with locals that they can always visit! After all, having friends to visit in other cities is always a good excuse to travel! 

Check out our NYC date guide here.