Meeting people in a large city might sound easy but in reality, it can be a struggle! Especially with the recent pandemic, it can be a tricky landscape to navigate. Making friends in Chicago can be a challenge but also rewarding, as it is filled with diverse and interesting people. If you are new to the area or just want to branch out in your social life, here are some ways to help you meet friends in Chicago! 

How to Meet People in Chicago

There are many different ways to meet people in Chicago. You can take recreational classes like art or cooking classes or join a sports club like soccer or tennis. Trivia nights at bars or volunteering are also ways to make friends in Chicago. 

Cooking Classes

Cook au Vin 

 Taking place in the kitchen of Cook au Vin, Chef Vincent’s approach to learning to cook is all about being relaxed and having fun together: a little bit of wine, some conversation, some laughs, some bread and cheese, some more wine, and a lot of cooking in between!

The class begins with an apéritif with fresh bread and cheese selection. You will then be provided with caps to write your name on and aprons. The whole group will be preparing the menu all together, dividing the tasks amongst each of the participants, under the guidance of the chef. Once the dinner is ready, you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor together in our cozy dining area.

Sports Club

Chicago Sport Social 

Hit the pitch with the Chicago Sport Social soccer program! They offer men’s and coed options with levels varying from recreational to intermediate to competitive and play at multiple locations all over the city. So, whether you are looking to explore Chicago or find one in your local neighborhood they have you covered.

Player perks include sponsor bars (where you are sure to secure great drink specials each week), custom designed shirts and champ shirts and various sponsor giveaways each season making playing with them a win! In addition, they’ll have you feeling like a pro by keeping up with your stats and recaps throughout the season. Both group and individual registration is available. 

Trivia Night

Chicago Trivia Night Guide

Attending a trivia night is a great way to meet friends in Chicago! Many bars and restaurants in the city host a weekly trivia night so you should definitely be able to find one in your area. Find a bar that has a trivia night theme you might be an expert on and head on over to see if any of the teams need an additional player! Trivia can get competitive in a friendly way so people are usually eager to add a strong member. Just make sure you can justify your place with the knowledge to help them win! 


Chicago Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people in Chicago who care about the same things that you do. While making friends, you will also be contributing to a good cause. Chicago has plenty of volunteer opportunities, from animal shelters to environmental organizations. Volunteering can open the doors to foster meaningful friendships all while giving back to your community! 

Ideas to Find Friends in Chicago

Some other ideas to find friends in Chicago are going to concerts, visiting museums and attending comedy shows or art exhibitions. These activities draw in many people together and will definitely be an easy conversation starter as you know you already have mutual interests! 

Another great way to meet new people is online! You can join local Facebook groups, Meetups, forums, or use Bumble friends. All of these platforms will allow you to speak to people online over mutual interests before meeting up in real life. It will also allow you to interact with people specifically in your neighborhood or areas you want to visit. 

If you are in a relationship and looking to make couple friends, you can use our app, Couplr! Couplr acts as a community platform to bring like-minded couples together for socializing and fun! It aims to provide couples with the opportunity to find new friends in new places or even in their own hometown. Whether you and your partner like to travel, fine dine or just stay in, Couplr incorporates all your interests and matches you with another couple of similar interests.

Ways to Meet People in Chicago Naturally


What other way to make great friends than to bond over music? 

Concert Venues in Chicago


Museums are a great way to meet people as the exhibitions give great starter talking points!

Museums in Chicago

Comedy Shows

Having a similar sense of humor can be a great way to find friends! 

Comedy Shows in Chicago

Art Exhibitions

A shared love of art can lead to a great friendship!

Art Exhibitions in Chicago

FAQs About Making Friends in Chicago

How can I make friends in Chicago?

You can make friends in Chicago by venturing out to all the local offerings the city has – bars, museums, concerts, sports clubs and more!

How do you make friends in your 20s in Chicago?

If you are in your 20s, you can meet people in Chicago by attending local trivia nights, joining a club, volunteering or taking recreational classes! 

How can I make friends online near me?

You can make friends online by joining Facebook groups, Meetups, using Bumble Friends or Couplr! 

How do I make friends in a new city?

You can make friends in a new city by going out and putting yourself out there! Try to talk to at least one new stranger every day whether at work, at a bar or if you sign up for a class, sports league, or volunteer organization! 

How can I start meeting people in Chicago today?

You can start meeting people in Chicago today with our app, Couplr! Couplr brings couples together in the same vicinity, who share similar interests. 

Couplr: Meeting Friends in Chicago 

Meeting people in a new city isn’t always the easiest but it is possible! Making friends in Chicago can be fun, entertaining and expose you to new and exciting interests due to everything the city has to offer. Whether you are into music, comedy, volunteering, art or food, there is something for everyone which means there are friends for everyone, too! 

If you’re in a relationship, that can sometimes make it even more difficult to branch out and meet new people. Here at Couplr, we aim to match couples with similar interests to foster meaningful friendships! 

Join Couplr to start making friends in Chicago today!