16 Best Date Spots in Dallas

Hello Dallas!  We are excited to bring you our Dallas date ideas that will help you and your partner with the next date night! Find some double date friends via our app to check out some of these places.


Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Elm & Good

Start off your day with a beautiful brunch at Elm & Good, an American farmhouse restaurant. You can find the finest wines, hearty beers, meat grilled to perfection, and more at Elm & Good. The restaurant is more high end and located in a restaurant, so feel free to dress up and make some reservations - get fancy!

LDU Coffee

If you just need a pick-me-up with your partner, LDU Coffee is the place to go on an early morning in Dallas. The vibrant coffee shop is an Australian take on the classic Italian coffee bar. They feature a grab-and-go style of coffee service. USA Today even featured them for having the “Best Coffee in Texas,” so this is a not-to-miss experience.

Katy Trail

Katy Trail is the perfect place to visit if you want to get active in the morning with your partner. The trail is one of the best in the Dallas area, and you can bike, walk, run, or just come to admire the beauty of the trail. The trail is 3.5 miles long, so come prepared to spend some high quality time conversing with your partner.

Public School Restaurant + Bar

This brunch spot is a more casual restaurant and is known for its schoolroom theme. Public School serves American fare, with the usual drinks to go along with it. It’s chef-driven and is a great place to visit for a delicious morning brunch.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Six Flags

Go visit Six Flags in the Dallas area to go on some exhilarating rides with your partner. If you like adventure, Six Flags is for you. The amusement park has some of the most fun, sky high roller coasters, and delicious park snacks as well.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Tacos & Margarita Tour

When in Texas, you must try Tex Mex food. Dallas has so many taco restaurants, might as well go to all of the best! Check out this awesome tacos and margaritas tour around the city.

The Japanese Garden

If you’re in the mood to see some beautiful greenery, visit the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens’ Japanese Garden. Completed in 1973, The Japanese Garden consists of 7.5 acres of stunning cherry blossoms, bamboo, bridges, and over 1,200 koi fish. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other attractions, like the Rose Gardens and the Cactus Gardens.


Ever tasted the fusion between French, Asian, and Texan? Toussaint is there to introduce your palette to a whole host of new exotic flavors. This high-end restaurant serves up burgers, French classics, banh mi, and a large variety of options. The brasserie has a chic, but casual vibe, making it the perfect place to have an intimate lunch with your date.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Gondola Ride

Love is in the air, and in the water. To add some extra romance to your date, take an evening gondola ride in Irving. They also have options to add a delicious dinner to your cruise. Though this can get a little pricey, if you want a romantic sunset classic Italian gondola ride and can’t fly over to Italy right now, this is a great option for your next date night.

Royal China

Looking for authentic Chinese food? Royal China is the place for you. Their menu features delicious starters, handmade noodles, and all of the classic Chinese dishes that will make you feel as though your mom is cooking. The family-style restaurant also cooks up some of the best dumplings in Dallas.

Dallas Symphony

If you and your partner are fans of music, be sure to check out the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The symphony plays concerts every weekend, with occasional string ensembles performing as well. You can also support and volunteer with the DSO by becoming a member!

F2 - Fusion Flavors Indian Cuisine

Located a little bit outside of Fort Worth, F2 is a charming homely Indian spot to dive into vibrant classic spice-infused dishes. Their menu features all of the traditional Indian dishes, including naan, chicken 65, and biryani, just to name a few, and the restaurant offers a buffet option as well. This is the perfect delicious spot to visit for a dinner date with your partner. 

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Reunion Tower

If you’re going for big and bold with your late night date, visiting Reunion is a must. The date night package includes VIP elevator service, a digital picture with a frame, two sparkling glasses of wine, two reunion tower logo flute glasses, and two GeO Deck general admission tickets. To top it all off, be sure to book a hotel room for the night to have the best romantic, intimate night out.


Have a little bit of competitive fun by visiting Cidercade! For a $10 admission fee, you can have access to over 140 arcade games, not to mention, the delicious hard beverages. You can also bring your own food or purchase some from the food trucks parked outside the establishment.

Rare Books Bar

Looking for a more upscale late night date experience? Visit the Rare Books Bar. This bar offers live music and its menu offers hundreds of drinks. The trendy, classy spot is perfect to have some intimate conversations with your partner while experiencing the speakeasy’s ambience.


Andretti Karting offers not only go karting, but also other games for you and your date to have some late night fun. Play some holographic VR, laser tag, bowling, or grab a late night bite after racing each other. This is a great spot to just have some fun and relax with each other.


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