Originally launched and solely operated in Chicago, Couplr is proud to announce that we are launching in Boston! From the seafood, to the history, to the sports… the city of Boston has so much to offer and that is only growing.  We believe that its people have so much to do together as the city continues to evolve and expand!

Boston is a gem of New England and its people are so incredibly special. The city has so many spots to explore, with new things popping up everyday. 10 years ago, the Seaport was definitely not the explosive scene of restaurants and stores that it is today. We hope Couplr provides a way to fulfill your social life as a couple when life sometimes gets too busy to focus on that. We also hope this serves as a way for locals and visitors alike to create meaningful, life long friendships in the realm of impeccable seafood and undefeated sports teams! 

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