Date Ideas in Boston That Even Locals Will Love

Boston Local Date Ideas!

Exploring Boston soon? Here's our first of many, Boston date night guide! Find some couple friends on Couplr and use it to visit some of these local hotspots. Use our guide for some creative date ideas in Boston!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM


Start off your day with your date by grabbing brunch at Sonsie, a highly rated classy restaurant serving International cuisines. Enjoy some coffee or cocktails with your morning eggs, and appreciate the intimate setting of this American bistro and wine bar.

Get active together at BURN Fitness Studio

If you love working out, nothing beats an early morning fitness routine with your partner at BURN Fitness Studio. Be sure to grab some early morning coffee or smoothie and bring your workout gear. BURN is a boutique fitness studio featuring a myriad of fitness classes, virtual and in person. They also offer personalized one-on-one sessions. If you struggle with accountability, you can download Couplr and find another couple that’s also motivated to work out. Feel the BURN!

Terra at Eataly Boston 

“Inspired by earth and fire,” Terra at Eataly is an Italian grill that serves herb-infused cocktails, and other classic Italian cuisine. The traditional Italian restaurant has a lovely brunch that you should definitely check out with your partner.


Sofra is a more lowkey breakfast place to hit up if you’re feeling like enjoying a special moment with just you and your partner. This bakery and cafe is inspired by Turkish delicacies, and offers everything from coffee to shawarmas, mezes, pastries, pies, and more.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM


This date spot is a great idea for a chill weekend where you and your partner feel like having some friendly competition. The A4cade is the place to start– this 21+ speakeasy style bar is the perfect spot to grab a quick drink and play some games. A4cade also has their own menu featuring casual fare, including burgers, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and more.

Fenway Park & The Emory

Calling all sports fans! Your favorite baseball stadium, Fenway Park, is open for tours. Take a tour of the ballpark with your partner and head over for a late lunch at The Emory, a modern American restaurant. This combo is great for mixing up the casual with the elegant sides.

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Have a picnic at the Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum is an essential to visiting Boston. Take some homemade sandwiches, grab some classic lemonade and a picnic blanket, and go check out the absolutely beautiful scenery at the arboretum. The 281 acre preserve is the perfect spot to relax with nature and enjoy some romantic time with your partner.

The Q Restaurant

Craving an Asian fusion experience? The Q Restaurant is a lovely Chinese restaurant to visit for lunch. The lounge offers hot pot and sushi, and serves drinks as well. They also provide valet parking.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM


Yvonne’s isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a whole experience. There’s a hidden Gallery inside of Yvonne’s main bustling floor, making it the perfect place for an intimate getaway. The decor in the restaurant is absolutely stunning as well; their furniture is medieval style and features plenty of gorgeous chandeliers.

Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

Who doesn’t love ending their day with some hot, fresh Indian food? Vaisakhi is a top-rated Indian restaurant in Boston. Their menu features some of the classics- from biryani to tandoori, every dish is stunningly put together. Dine in opens Monday, July 5th, so be sure to go check out this home away from home. 

Take a mini cruise at the Boston HarborToro

If you’re looking to splurge, this date combo is perfect for you. These cruises are great for watching the sunset, prices ranging from $50 to more than $200 per person. The water is gorgeous and definitely worth having your rom-com worthy moment in. If you’re feeling hungry after this early evening, check out Toro, a Spanish tapas restaurant and bar- makes for an elegant end to a sophisticated night.

Time out Market Boston

Time Out Market is a Boston-favorite, and is always bustling with shows and events. They feature fish, seafood, meat, vegetarian options, and sweets and desserts, as well as drinks. The restaurant was created by a media company aiming to bring people together for a dining, cultural experience.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Tavern of Tales

The Tavern of Tales is another great place to hit up for some friendly competition. They serve sandwiches, snacks, and cocktails, but more importantly, they carefully curate board game experiences. These aren’t just your regular “Sorry” or “Monopoly” games; you can find uniquely crafted board games, such as “Tokaido” and “The Resistance.” While it might be nice to spend an evening here with your partner, board games are always better with a crowd. Grab the Couplr app to help find couple friends near you and liven things up!

 Legal Rooftop Bar

Legal Rooftop has the best late night drinks vibes in Austin. Their contemporary bar is located on top of the Boston Harborside, and serves seafood along with drinks. They’re on the Boston waterfront, which makes for the perfect late night views.

Stargaze at the Coits Observatory

When the sky is clear, Coits Observatory is here. Tickets are required to visit, but the views are absolutely stunning. This date would be a wonderful romantic experience, and is a great way to sit down, take a beat, and reconnect with your partner.

Catch a midnight streaming at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

If you’re both movie-lovers, be sure to visit the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Grab some popcorn and snacks, and settle in for some of their viewings. Coolidge is a nonprofit, and aims to bring people together through film, so it’s a great place to watch a short film; and they do stream the more popular films that come out, too!

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