Charlotte Date Spot Ideas

Hello Charlotte ! We are finally launched in North Carolina. We are excited to bring you our Charlotte date ideas that will help you and your partner with the next date night! Find some double date friends via our app to check out some of these places.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Mural Art Gallery Tour

As soon as the sunrises, head to all of the murals around Charlotte for beautiful views. This is perfect for the photo-lovers; dress up and take some stunning photos in front of the gorgeous painted murals. There are over 70 of them, so pick a few, and grab a coffee with your partner; or, for the daring ones, hit all of them up.

Go on a morning run & pick up smoothies

For a boost of energy in the morning, head out for a quick run around the city and pick up some delicious smoothies and a quick bite from Carolina Smoothies. This is a great way to just connect with your partner and get active with them.

300 East

If you’re more of a late riser, go for a brunch with your partner or date at 300 East. Though a little more high end, they offer delicious entrees that will be sure to wake you up. And if the food doesn’t catch your attention, 300 East offers a large variety of drinks, including wine, beer, and all of the classics.

The Degenerate

For a cheaper, intimate brunch, visit The Degenerate. They have a simple menu with all of the classics, and even cereal. Though it can get a bit crowded, the atmosphere in the restaurant is spaced out and open. It’s a great casual spot to get a quick brunch over the weekend at.

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love to taste a bit of wine in the countryside? Visit Cauble Creek Vineyard to taste a wide selection of wines and tour the beautiful vineyards. They also have a great events venue, so if you’re going for a date, you might want to keep this place bookmarked for any future events you might want to host together.

Go golf!

For the country club lovers, visit Leatherman Golf to golf or play mini golf. They also have a great driving range and golf lessons, so be sure to check those out. It’s a great place to head to for some afternoon competitive fun.

Food truck tour

If you’re looking for something fun and casual, going on a food truck tour around Charlotte is just the thing for you. There are all sorts of food trucks featuring a huge variety of cuisines around the city, so check out multiple to get the true flavor of the place.

Rock Climbing at Inner Peaks

Another fun activity to round out your afternoon with your date would be to visit Inner Peaks and go rock climbing. The center provides an authentic indoor rock climbing experience and even features adult programs, so you can come back and continue having fun.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Chef’s Table at Kindred

Run by a couple, Kindred is a lovely small-town restaurant to dine in at for dinner. They offer specials on renting out the Chef’s Table, which makes for a more private and intimate setting, though fairly expensive. They offer mostly high end dishes, along with a fantastic selection of wines.

Optimist Hall

Optimist Hall is perfect for the indecisive couples. They have everything from Indian street food to pizza to high end cocktails. Eat at one, two, three, or however many places you want to for a diverse dining experience. The food hall is a lot of fun to explore with your partner as well.

Copper Restaurant

For a high end fusion dining experience, vist Copper Restaurant, a fancy Indian spot. They bring in the classic Indian artistic elements and mix them with more modern spices and fusion recipes. The environment of the restaurant is also very intimate so it makes for a very romantic night out.


Haberdish is a lovely Southern-style restaurant that’s great for a dinner out. Their kitchen serves up the classic Southern dishes, such as fried chicken, BBQ, and delicious sweet treats to have at the end of your dinner. It’s one of the highest rated restaurants in Charlotte, so definitely be sure to check it out.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Check out a comedy show

If you’re tired of the classic dinner and drinks, check out The Comedy Zone for some hilarious stand up comedy. They have shows featuring live comedians and make for a funny and entertaining night out.

Bohemian Wine Bar

Another one for the wine lovers- Bohemian Wine Bar is a chic place to hit up for some drinks. There are no reservations required for this spot, and you can try all the wine you could possibly want.

Midnight Diner

If you’re looking for some late night eats, Midnight Diner is a Charlotte local favorite. The diner serves primarily comfort food and is open 24/7. Their menu is fairly large and inexpensive, making this a perfect spot to grab a quick bite and spend some quality time together.

Pins Mechanical Company

Another really fun option for a date spot is Pins Mechanical Company’s Bar and Arcade. They have all sorts of games ranging from foosball to ping pong to pinball. For drinks, they offer wines, beers, and high quality cocktails. It’s a great place to kick back and have fun after a long day.


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