Couple Holiday Date Ideas

Cue the Cheesy Hallmark Rom-coms! It's the holiday season already and that means some super festive date night activities! Whether you’re in a relationship or are single and looking to dating apps or friend-finding apps like Couplr*, there is definitely the perfect holiday date idea out there for you. How do you find the perfect activity? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These activities are guaranteed to bring some extra holiday joy!

Fun Holiday Date Ideas (By City)

We’ve broken some of these amazing date ideas down for you city by city -- Do you see a city close to you below?


  • Christkindlmarket

    Walk through this amazing German style traditional market this holiday season. Here, you and your date can enjoy local and international foods, live entertainment, merchandise, and so many more memorable activities! This is a perfect spot to end a perfect outdoor date night.

  • Zoolights

    This year's zoolights are bigger and brighter than ever! They will feature hundreds of luminous LED displays and seasonal experiences, all under the glow of millions of lights. Stroll through Lincoln Park to see these beautiful lights with your loved ones. We promise you it's a sight you don’t want to miss!

  • Ice Skating at Millenium Park

    What’s more romantic than ice skating in close proximity with your better half? We’re picturing a romantic scene straight out of a hallmark movie - do you see it? Sure you might look a bit like fools at first but at least you can romantically look like fools together. What better place to look like fools together than at the McCormick Tribune. Skating is free and skate rentals are available for $13 and up!

  • Frosty’s Bar

    This crowd favorite pop-up bar is back and better than ever! This is the perfect date spot to let loose. From sensational seasonal cocktails, to interactive photo experiences, all the way to some amazing live music and entertainment, your date is sure to be a blast!

New York :

  • Ice Skating  

    As cliche as it may sound to romantically ice skate the night away at the Rockefeller Center, we know how crowded and unpleasant this can get around this time of year. This shouldn’t stop you from living out your romantic movie scene! Consider venturing out and finding other rinks like the Wollman and Lasker Rinks which reside in Central Park. These areas tend to be less busy and allow space for more romantic gestures. 

  • Union Square Holiday Market

    With over 160 vendors coming in, it's making this year's Holiday Market one of the best! Shop everything local and hand crafted at this year's market located at the heart of NYC, Union Square Park. Maybe you can pick out a memorable gift for your significant other while you’re at it!

  • Edge Holiday Lights

    There’s something surreal about seeing a city from a birds eye view. Not sure if it’s the altitude, but being nearly 1,200 feet above ground brings out a form of romance you didn’t even know existed. Believe us, this romantic gesture will be the most memorable one yet. While you’re up there, they are also offering “Cocoa in the Clouds & Edge Nog” - how cute does that sound! What are you waiting for, it’s time to book those tickets!

Los Angeles: 

  • Grinchmas

    Who said Grinchmas was just for kids? In fact, we think the grinch relates best to us adults - don’t you think? What better way to break the ice on a date than over some humorous Grinch roasts and a laugh to remember. Catch the tree lighting ceremony and a performance by the Who-ville Who’s while you’re there!

  • Yuletide Cinemaland

    Ah the classic, an outdoor movie date. The perfect time to debate your favorite holiday movie, snuggle up, and enjoy an evening of Christmas magic. Check out their schedule to see what movies are playing!

  • Holiday Lights

    Lightscapes is one of the most popular holiday attractions in the LA area, and they definitely live up to the hype. The internationally acclaimed dance of light, art and music transforms The Arboretum into an illuminated night experience that everyone is bound to love! This self-guided walking event is the perfect way to have a wonderful chat with your date while taking in some breathtaking sights. 

Indoor Holiday Date Ideas

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our homebodies out there. Trust us, we know how exhausting all these outdoor holiday date activities can get. Why not bring some of that holiday spirit to the comfort of your own home… and while in some cozy pajamas! Here are some indoor holiday date ideas for you and your loved one:

  • Gingerbread House Competition 

    Is it really Christmas if you don’t bust out those gingerbread engineering skills? Plus, friendly competition brings people that much closer to each other. Remember to stock up on those ingredients, and if you’re feeling funky, give the competition a theme!

  • Make DIY Ornaments  Making your own ornaments with special meaning has another level of importance. Sure, fancy ornaments passed down from generation to generation look great, but why not add a touch of your own history! You and you S/O are bound to have a relaxing and pleasant evening while making these.
  • Decorate - Holidays are the time to glam up your home. Whether that be for Christmas, the New Year, or both. Even if you’re not inviting anyone over this year, you and your S/O will have a ball decorating a common space. Not to mention, the decor might even help the seasonal depression.


What do couples do on a holiday date?

Very commonly, couples go ice skating for a holiday date. They also can find themselves at a light show or sipping some hot chocolate and watching a movie together. 

What are some Christmas movie date night ideas?

Movie dates are all about setting the mood. Get the ambiance right and it will be the most seamless date night of your life! Get some blankets, snacks, lights, and pick out a classic Christmas movie like “White Christmas” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” and you’ll be all set to go.

What do you do on a Christmas date?

Adventure through some beautiful Christmas lights, donate to a good cause, host an in-house picnic, go ice skating - the possibilities are endless!

What activities do people do on New Years?

Many couples either attend or host a new years party. Due to the pandemic, this has become less common but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Spend time with those you’re thankful for and cook a meal together, play board games, and share memories from the past year. 


Couple holiday date activities are truly endless. From outdoor activities like ice-skating and market exploring, to indoor activities like a movie night, and everything in between, these activities should last you a while. This season, spend some time with everyone you love and cherish all the memories you make together. From our entire team here at Couplr, we hope you have a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Years.


Need a Break? Getting Away as the Pandemic Drags On

Do you need a break? 

That’s probably a silly question. We all need a break. Whether you’ve spent much of the last 12 months holding your breath, or you think you’re fine, the reality is that you could probably do with a getaway.

So we’ve got a few suggestions for spring and summer getaways. No matter your current comfort level with being out and about, you’re sure to find an idea that suits you.

1. Go camping

This is probably the most pandemic-friendly getaway option—and the most budget-friendly. As spring spreads through the country, what better way to recharge than to pitch a tent in the great outdoors and cook your dinner over a fire? Leave the electronic devices at home (or in your glove box) and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

And as a bonus, this type of getaway is scientifically proven to lower your stress levels. Here’s a list of the best campgrounds in the country, organized by state.

2. Rent an RV

If you’re concerned about staying in hotels, renting an RV might be the way to go. Recent CDC guidance suggests that you’re not likely to get COVID from touching the same surface that an infected person touched, so there’s really no risk of traveling via RV. 

So grab your favorite people and hit the road. This country is beautiful and there are so many places worth exploring. From the western national parks to the eastern shores and all the landscape in between, the destination possibilities are almost endless. Here’s a list to get you started.

3. Rent an Airbnb

Given that aforementioned CDC guidance, staying at a private vacation home is low-risk as well. And there are so many amazing private homes for rent. 

Check out this list of the most incredible Airbnb’s in the United States for ideas. From a Hobbit-themed Oregon abode to South Carolina houseboat, there are so many whimsical options.  

It’s time you had a break. So what are you waiting for? Get planning!

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Couples Surviving the Pandemic: A COVID-19 Story

It’s been more than a year since coronavirus became a household word. The pandemic has laid bare the strength (or lack thereof) of many an institution. From public schools to your corner deli, there’s a fine line between the organizations that have survived and those that have crumpled. 

This is true also of relationships. A new study by a relationship coaching company surveyed more 1,700 people in long-term relationships. And some 68% of respondents who had separated from their partners this year reported that it was due to the pandemic. But while the study found that the pandemic has been a big stressor for couples, it also drew some interesting conclusions about the habits of couples surviving the pandemic.

“Our results tell the story of two different types of couples—those who are struggling and growing further apart, and those who are adapting and growing closer together,” the study reads.

What worked?

When asked “What has been helpful for your relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic?” the people who considered themselves the happiest in their relationships answered with one of these five options:

These are already all positive-sounding things, but now that we know they are associated with relationships that have survived the pandemic, they’re looking like really great ways to spend time together.

What didn’t?

Wondering about the other side of the coin? Those who identified themselves as being unhappy in their relationships answered with these options:

There is nothing wrong with any of these things on their own. However, looking at this list, most of the items are not conducive to quality time together. It’s great to connect with old friends and have some quality time alone, but make sure you’re tending to your relationship, too. As the study showed, that effort can pay off.

“Overall,” the study concludes, “we can see that—for some couples—this year has helped them to develop resilience and grow in a way they may not have predicted. In the words of one of our survey respondents—‘you can’t make diamonds without a little pressure.’” Resilience seems to be a winning skill for couples surviving the pandemic. 

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Music Festivals & Architecture: Check Out Chicago this September!

As the weather starts to cool down, new events are coming to the Chicago area! Live music festivals in local parks, house music showcases, and architecture exhibits allow for plenty of ways to find fun in the city. As such, many of these events are taking place in safe, considerate spaces that have your health in mind. Many of them are even outside! As Fall rolls in, take a look at some of the awesome upcoming events in the area.

Enjoy Some Music

first, from August 19th – September 19th, Chicago In Tune is bringing music all around the Chicago area for the 2021 Year of Chicago Music. As part of this event, DCASE is presenting new and revolutionized programs in Millennium Park. There are four planned evenings from 5:30 to 8:30pm at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. They are themed around honoring music that has its roots in Chicago. These dates are:

  • 9/03/2021 – Gospel
  • 9/04/2021 – Jazz
  • 9/11/2021 – House
  • 9/18/2021 – Blues

Looking for more Jazz beyond the DCASE programs? Similarly to last year, take a look at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival! From Sept. 25-26, enjoy artists such as Corey Wilkes’ Improvised Soul Projekt featuring Megan McNeal & Kahil El Zabar, John Wojciechowski Quartet featuring Xavier Davis, Tomeka Reid & Regina Carter, and Isaiah Collier’s 3-6 Project featuring JD Allen. Visit the Hyde Park Jazz Festival website to see more information as it is announced! 

Are you maybe more of a House fan? House City is a 10-part event series that has been running throughout the summer celebrating the neighborhoods that helped create the House music genre more than 35 years ago. In September, they have two events:

  • 9/12/2021 – South Shore, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm – DJs Torin Edmond, Rae Chardonnay, and DK Kobe One Kenobi
  • 9/19/2021 – Bronzeville, 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm – DJs Mike Dunn, Daryll Mellowman, and JStar

Learn about Local Architects

Live music festivals may not be your thing, but maybe try a day in Chicago’s architecture! In 2021, the famous Chicago architect and style icon Helmut Jahn passed away. He collected almost every architectural award during his career and challenged modernist orthodoxy. Some of his buildings that you may be familiar with include the Michigan City Public Library, the James R. Thompson Center, and the Sony Center in Berlin. The Chicago Architecture Center is holding an exhibit with photography, models, and sketches to help us learn more about this innovator’s creative and engineering processes. From the United Terminal at O’Hare to the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, Helmut Jahn’s work is provocative and adventurous. 

Overall, music festivals and architecture are not hard to find in Chicago. However, if they both are not interesting to you, then stay tuned for more events! Meanwhile, please continue to stay safe while stepping out! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Going Maskless: Comfortable Ways to Start Socializing Again

With the CDC and certain states allowing for safe gatherings of vaccinated individuals, people are excited to get out and see their loved ones and friends again. Along with this buzzing sense of energy to be out and have fun is a little bit of underlying anxiety for many of us. While we want to get out and spend time, the idea of going maskless can still be a little intimidating. It is totally understandable after a full year of getting used to it as part of our routines! We have come up with a list of ways you can hang out with your friends in a way that feels natural and comfortable as we transition slowly back into more normal social outings.

Picnics and Parks

One of the most comfortable ways to hang out as we adapt to maskless socializing is to do so outside. This feels much more natural to many of us as many states didn’t mandate outdoor masking when not in close proximity to others. One suggestion is that you can plan a potluck-style picnic where everyone brings fun treats to share. Alternatively, just a nice long walk through a park while catching up can be extremely relaxing and fun!

Takeout or Delivery at Home

Looking to do something a little more personal? If your friends are vaccinated and comfortable, you can invite them over to your home and do delivery or takeout. This can take away the stress of reserving a table at a busy restaurant. You can set up a fun hangout plan like a movie or board game night while enjoying professionally cooked food with friends. If you are more interested in going out, many restaurants are still keeping social distancing and indoor masking in effect. This will keep you and your pod comfortable while eating at your favorite locations!

Check Out Local Events

Once you have a group that you are comfortable going out with, it is time to check out local events! There are many safe and exciting events you can attend, and more are bound to appear as things open up. For example, this summer there is the “Behold, Be Held” exhibition at The Block Museum’s first-ever outdoor showing that celebrates human intimacy, touch, and self-care in Chicago. Many craft markets and farmers’ markets are starting to open up, providing comfortable and exciting shopping opportunities with friends. Look around in your area to see what may be popping up there!

Regardless of what you and your group chooses to do, make sure to consider everyone’s different levels of comfort. It will take some people longer than others to acclimate back to normal. Make sure to create space for them to transition at their own pace! They will appreciate the support and care.

Stay safe as you start to socialize again! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Smelling Flowers to Grabbing a Brew: April Chicago Events

As the weather continues to warm up, many of us are looking to get out and safely attend events. There are many things popping up during this time of year. From flower shows to pop-ups, the city is starting to host more things around town. From smelling flowers to grabbing a brew, we have a list of great ideas to get out and enjoy these April events.

Visit a Spring Flower Show

Spring brings us blooming flowers, meaning that there are multiple spring flower shows to visit around the city. The Garfield Park Conservatory has the show “Saturation,” which focuses on giving attendees a look at flowers with a focus on color. The color-grouped flowers showcase an amazing range of hues and provide a dazzling visual. Lincoln Conservatory also has decided to choose a color-based show, the “Pretty in Pink” flower show has a wide range of flowers showing off rosy tints. Whichever flower show you attend, the pops of color are a much-needed welcome back into nature for many of us.


Grab Some Beers and Art at a Pop-up

Looking to support local? Chicago Craft: A Collective Grip is the perfect weekly event for you. Presented by Jeppson’s at the Cobra Lounge, you can get your alcoholic fix here while perusing merch and art. You can either build your own six-pack from local breweries, or instead grab some craft cocktails to-go by local bartenders. Of course, as a Jeppson’s event, it wouldn’t be complete without the offering of Malört shots. Beyond all of this alcohol, however, is the opportunity to look at vintage riot fest merch and local band merch. Local artists are featured every week, allowing you to peruse their works and potentially bring one home. If you are feeling lucky, you can enter for one of the raffles and giveaways as well! Masks are required and a limited number of people are allowed in the lounge at a time to ensure safety.

April Chicago events

Get Nerdy

If smelling flowers or grabbing a brew don’t seem your catch, consider going to the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes exhibit! This MSI exhibit shows off over 300 items that take you into Marvel’s long history. You can see everything here from costumes and props from the movies to very first published Marvel comic from 1939. More of a gamer? Check out Nom Nom: 40 Years of Pac-Man Design and History at the Chicago Gamespace! This exhibit celebrates the yellow hungry character’s 40th anniversary, exploring the evolution and history behind this iconic game. 

April Chicago Events

Stay safe while stepping out! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Springing into Art

Springing into Art: April 2021 Art Events

April truly marks that Spring has arrived! With many becoming vaccinated, people are itching to get out and go to a safe event. Luckily, April marks a huge array of art events in the Chicago area. You can attend these safely planned events with dates or friends! Read on to see some events that have caught our eyes!

Art Institute of Chicago – Monet and Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago always has exciting exhibits! For instance, current exhibits include the vivid Bisa Butler: Portraits exhibition and the gorgeous Cosmoscapes: Ink Paintings by Tai Xiangzhou. Most recently, they have opened the exhibition Monet and Chicago, running through June 14th. Chicago has a long-running history with the artist Monet, and this beautiful collection explores that relationship. This is a must-see event if you are interested in this unique history and/or Impressionist art! 

Monet and Chicago

Art on the MART

This beautiful outdoor event is continuing this year, and ties into our last submission! While they have a few projects they are implementing this year, they are collaborating with the Art Institute of Chicago to project iconic pieces by Monet. For example, Water Lilies and Stacks of Wheat on theMART will be paired with “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. In addition, they are doing a collaboration with the institute on their exhibition with Bisa Butler as well! Find out more here!

Art Mart

The Womanish Experience

Womanish is a unique installation within a 40,000 square foot space that celebrates and examines the feminine perspective. Moreover, it is an interactive space that lets you explore beautifully designed spaces that also make you think. This is a culturally-inclusive and gender non-conforming experience, challenging you to think about the intersections of gender and race. Look here for more details!

The Womanish Experience

WNDR Museum

The WNDR Museum is reopening with new safety measures. As a result, you can once again experience their interactive exhibitions safely! These installations are thought-provoking and inspiring, allowing you to physically experience the space in a unique way. Their new opening will include 20+ totally new touchless installations to allow for safe art experiences. The installations will include pieces from artists like Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger, and Alex Israel. To buy tickets and learn more, check out the WNDR Museum website!

WNDR Museum

Steppenwolf NOW

Looking to stay home, or looking for a performance? The Steppenwolf NOW virtual stage has six stories of different length and style. They were thoughtfully crafted for a virtual experience. The stage includes pieces such as Wally World (a two-act radio play); Duchess, Duchess, Duchess! (a filmed play); and I am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter (an audio adaptation). Through their virtual membership, you can watch all Steppenwolf NOW productions anytime from any device through August 31! Look here for more information.

Steppenwolf NOW

Stay safe and get inspired during the pandemic! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Chicago Restaurant Week 2021: Explore New Food & Support Local

From March 19th – April 4th is Chicago Restaurant Week! During this special time of year, 250+ eateries are open for you to explore. Many showcase special deals and menus for you to try. All restaurants are offering multi-course meals priced at $25 for brunch/lunch, and options between $39 and $55 for dinner menus. To accommodate the special circumstances this year, all locations have listed if they offer indoor, outdoor, delivery, and/or takeout options so you can dine whichever way is most comfortable for you! Take a look at all of the restaurants here and make your reservation, or pick from our list of suggested stops!


This Mediterranean-inspired location has seen great success under Chef Perry Hendrix and the James Beard award-winning Chef Paul Kahan. They have two different locations for you. First, their Avec River North location offers a delicious menu including their well-known chorizo-stuffed medjool dates with bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce! The menu also includes olives, ciabatta, brussels sprouts, paella, confit chicken with escargot sausage and mussels, and a raspberry rose tart. For this location, there are only dine-in options. However, for those of you looking to do delivery or take out, you can look not far to the Avec West Loop location for the same menu! Find more information here.



Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods

Ina Mae Tavern is a refreshing taste of New Orleans right to Bucktown. It is owned by the Pioneer Tavern Group and led by Executive Chef Brian Jupiter. You have options with this menu including items like fried catfish or blackened shrimp with cheese grits. Ending this meal with praline beignets is perfection, and we highly recommend you give this place a try. Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods is offering indoor and outdoor seating as well as takeout or delivery, letting you and your group celebrate this food together in whatever way is most comfortable!

Ina Mae Tavern


Looking for something a little bit romantic for your dinner? Monteverde in the West Loop run by Top Chef alum Sarah Gruenberg is absolutely the place to go. This restaurant is usually a place fostering the Italian shared-dish dining. However, it’s four-course family-style menu will bring that experience straight to your home. This menu includes a salad, pasta course, main course, and dessert. Almost all of the courses come with multiple options including vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives. Find out more here!

Regardless of which restaurant you choose to celebrate Chicago Restaurant Week, remember there are many ways you can enjoy these meals with others safely. Whether picking up take out and meeting up at a park, or enjoying these meals over video calls together, do whatever feels safe for you and follow suggested guidelines!



Stay safe while trying out these fun local restaurants! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Spring Date Ideas

It’s Almost March: Spring Date Ideas in Chicago

March arriving also signals the beginning of a season change! As we start feeling temperatures warming up along with vaccines rolling out in larger numbers, many of us are restless to get outside. Luckily, there are a handful of things starting up that will help you hold out until those summer temperatures in the area! Read on for some Spring date ideas!

Farmers’ Markets

Spring means the beginning of amazing farmers markets throughout the city. While the traditional Maxwell Street Market will remain closed for now, there are other options for still enjoying fresh, local greens. Green City Market has online delivery or curbside pickup so that you can order the delicious produce right to your home. Plant Chicago is also offering delivery, CSA, and pickup options so that you can enjoy your favorite local vendors safely. Plan pickups or deliveries with your friends and share the great recipes you come up with from your local ingredients!

Spring date ideas
Spring date ideas in chicago

Plant Nursery Visit/Workshops

The wave of home DIY interest has led many of us to get our hands back into the soil too. While online plant ordering has boomed over the pandemic, there are many local options where you don’t have to worry about your plant getting too shocked through shipping. Garden centers like Gethsemane are still open for browsing and finding your next houseplant. Get a (small) group together to go grab some new green friends to start off the new season! If you aren’t comfortable with going out, many centers like City Grange are allowing for curbside pickup or delivery. They also are offering Zoom “Ask the Expert” consultations, allowing you to plan landscape design, get help with houseplants, or even plot out some edible gardens!

Looking for greenery-based events? The Great Grow Along is a three-day virtual garden festival that will bring you together with speakers, workshops, Q&A sessions, and more on topics like edible gardening, urban gardening, houseplants, and composting! Chicago Botanic Garden also is hosting online horticultural classes during March on fun topics like beekeeping and indoor farming for health and wellness.


Chicago Theater Week

This awesome week of local theater has already kicked off, but there is still plenty to catch! Going through March 7th, you can experience virtual shows right from home from many local theatres! Try a new company with friends virtually, and hold a discussion afterward on your experiences. There are over 100 company options that you can see on the event’s website. Browse and find something that would make a great date night!


Stay safe while celebrating the Spring weather! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day 2021: Day Events in Chicago

Valentine’s day is usually a great day to celebrate with partners or friends and to really celebrate the positive relationships in your life. Normally this means going out to a fancy special dinner or going out for champagne cocktails, however, this year we will have to get creative. Luckily, there are many ways you can still safely enjoy this special holiday, read on for some ideas!

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

Many restaurants have taken on the challenge of the pandemic and adjusted to make safe places for people to still safely eat-out. To achieve this, many restaurants have heated their outdoor patios, or allowed for socially-distanced reservations. For example, Lush Wine & Spirits has reservations for a special Valentine’s Day dinner where you can cozy up next to a fire on their patio. BOKA has a seven-course tasting menu under their romantic covered patio. Not comfortable with dining in public yet? That is perfectly okay, many of these restaurants allow for take-home versions of these special meals as well. For instance, Le Colonial has a special three-course take-home dinner with sparkling Cuvee, glasses, candles, and roses included! Wow!

Go on an Outside Stroll

If you aren’t afraid to bundle up, there are tons of beautiful walks this time of year. Visit the Navy Pier or go on a walk along the river. Maggie Daley Park not only is beautiful but has rentable skates this time of year with a beautiful skating course. The Chicago Lakefront trail is always a great destination, or plan a day of looking at beautiful murals in places like the Red Line path in Rogers Park. 

Experience a Show

While it isn’t quite safe enough yet for normal theater experiences, there are plenty of drive-in or virtual options so you can still enjoy a show together with loved ones. For example, ChiTown Movies hosts a great drive-in movie experience, and even will let you order food directly to your car. They have a host of romantic movies like Lady and the Tramp and The Notebook playing around Valentine’s Day as well! Other local shows are scheduled for online shows like the Porchlight Music Theatre, the Laugh Factory, and The Neo-Futurist Theater. These at-home options can be enjoyed with those in your household or with friends over Zoom! They also pair great with a take-home dinner option. 

When deciding how you are going to enjoy Valentine’s Day, stay safe! To stay updated on the latest and most accurate information related to COVID-19, please refer to

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