A Guide to Dating in Austin

Austin is a vibrant, eccentric city filled with a large variety of young adults in the dating pool. Navigating such a large combination of people to choose from can be difficult, but we made it as simple as A-B-C with this guide to dating in Austin.

Figure out what you want.

Are you looking for something casual? Something long term? Something to get your parents off of your back? Something that’s for true love? What kind of person are you interested in? What qualities and values do you hold highly important in your life? Write down some of the things you’re looking for when it comes to dating.

Get on a dating app… or don’t.

Find out what works for you in terms of finding people. Some people prefer blind dating or finding people through apps, like Bumble, Hinge, or Tinder. Each app has its own vibe of people so finding the app that is most appropriate for what you’re looking for is important. If you’re not one of the apps, find people through mutual friends or hitting up a local bar. There are so many natural ways to find interesting people in a lively city like Austin. Check out Austin City Limits Festival or South by Southwest, to name a few. Pro-tip: bring your dog to a dog park; they make great sidekicks.

Find a quality place to go on a first date.

After you find a person who fits what you’re looking for, dive deeper into the other person’s personality. You can do this by choosing a first date location that will inspire some vulnerable conversations. Rather than grabbing drinks, consider going on a walk and getting ice cream with them, or hitting up Lady Bird Lake to go paddleboarding. The best way to get to know someone is to do something with them that will spark a conversation. Finding the right place is everything. Check out this article we wrote on the best places to go on a date in Austin.

Try, try, try again.

So, you go on one, two, and even three dates, just to find out the third one isn’t actually the charm. Dating in Austin is difficult, and giving up after a few dates isn’t going to be a great experience. Finding “the one” takes time and you might have to go through several dates to figure out what suits you best. Have fun on your dates, and make plans that you are actively invested in. That way, even if you don’t end up falling in love, you will have had an enriching experience.


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