4 Ways to Meet People in Chicago without Dating Apps

Dating apps can be difficult work to upkeep, and sometimes can lead to shallow relationships. If you’re looking for something more than a hookup, or something deeper in general, going off of dating apps may lead to a fruitful relationship. There are plenty of opportunities to meet singles in Chicago without dating apps. Check out these four ideas!

Get sporty and join the Chicago Triathlon Club. 

This is a fun experience to not only swim, run, and bike, but also meet a ton of new singles in your area. The club also hosts monthly meetings and social events to get to know each other. There are plenty of group workout opportunities, too, such as sunrise swims and group biking.

Volunteer for PAWS Chicago!

Get involved with the community and volunteer for one of the biggest organizations in the city. You’ll find a lot of animal-lover singles here, and of course, the cutest animals. Not only is this a fulfilling experience, but you’ll also meet people who love giving back to the community, and the most adorable dogs and cats who are looking to be adopted.

Take a Cooking Class at The Chopping Block.

The Chopping Block is a great community of food lovers looking to grow their cooking skills. They also have special date nights, so if you find someone in one of your classes, you can take them out on another night of cooking together. Feel free to also bring a friend so you can go on a double date later on.

Visit one of the best singles bars in town - The Berkshire Room.

If you’re looking for a more casual place to meet someone, The Berkshire Room is the place to be. Head to this bar for a night out with some of your single friends; they have some of the best craft cocktails in the city. The bar also hosts whiskey and mixology classes if you want to get into the bartending space at all.

Finding people in real life in 2022 without the use of social media or dating apps can be a hard task, but getting out in the community and putting yourself out there can be the easiest way to meet people. There’s something in Chicago for everyone, so do your research and give IRL dating a go.

A Guide to Dating in Austin

Austin is a vibrant, eccentric city filled with a large variety of young adults in the dating pool. Navigating such a large combination of people to choose from can be difficult, but we made it as simple as A-B-C with this guide to dating in Austin.

Figure out what you want.

Are you looking for something casual? Something long term? Something to get your parents off of your back? Something that’s for true love? What kind of person are you interested in? What qualities and values do you hold highly important in your life? Write down some of the things you’re looking for when it comes to dating.

Get on a dating app… or don’t.

Find out what works for you in terms of finding people. Some people prefer blind dating or finding people through apps, like Bumble, Hinge, or Tinder. Each app has its own vibe of people so finding the app that is most appropriate for what you’re looking for is important. If you’re not one of the apps, find people through mutual friends or hitting up a local bar. There are so many natural ways to find interesting people in a lively city like Austin. Check out Austin City Limits Festival or South by Southwest, to name a few. Pro-tip: bring your dog to a dog park; they make great sidekicks.

Find a quality place to go on a first date.

After you find a person who fits what you’re looking for, dive deeper into the other person’s personality. You can do this by choosing a first date location that will inspire some vulnerable conversations. Rather than grabbing drinks, consider going on a walk and getting ice cream with them, or hitting up Lady Bird Lake to go paddleboarding. The best way to get to know someone is to do something with them that will spark a conversation. Finding the right place is everything. Check out this article we wrote on the best places to go on a date in Austin.

Try, try, try again.

So, you go on one, two, and even three dates, just to find out the third one isn’t actually the charm. Dating in Austin is difficult, and giving up after a few dates isn’t going to be a great experience. Finding “the one” takes time and you might have to go through several dates to figure out what suits you best. Have fun on your dates, and make plans that you are actively invested in. That way, even if you don’t end up falling in love, you will have had an enriching experience.


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Inexpensive Date Ideas in San Francisco

It’s hard to put together a great date on its own, but on a budget, it’s even more difficult. If you live in San Francisco, and need some date ideas that you can use for an inexpensive, yet fun date night, read on!

Explore the food trucks

This cute area with plenty of food truck is a great cheap date idea; you’ll be spending a fairly small amount of money for some great food, and supporting local businesses. Spark Social is known for being a community hub in San Francisco, and collaborates with over 150 local food trucks to provide a beautiful, comforting atmosphere.

Visit a beach

It’s summer! Grab your beach towels and umbrellas, and head out for a warm beach day. You can also pack a lunch as a romantic picnic if you want to save money on food. There are some great beaches for swimming if you want to cool down, but you can also visit one like Baker Beach, which has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

View the murals

Another great activity that is free in San Francisco is seeing the beautiful murals that artists paint across town. We recommend visiting Balmy Alley located in the Mission District of the city. These murals are constantly changing, making it a fun date activity to revisit the following year. While you’re there, this might be a great place to grab some pictures of you and your date.

Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

San Francisco’s cherry blossoms are the place to be in Spring. Japantown has all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms, and you can see them for free! The Japanese Tea Gardens and the San Francisco Botanical Gardens also feature cherry blossoms. This is a cute picture spot, in addition to a romantic walk through the city. The best dates are the ones where you get to spend quality time with your date, so use this as an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation. 

Stroll down Lover’s Lane

Going outside is always a great way to have an inexpensive date. Lover’s Lane is the place to have an intimate romantic moment in the city. The trail is an easy hike- only 0.6 miles. There’s also a beautiful bridge to grab some pictures on. This is a great short date that might be best complemented with some coffee or ice cream to add to the good vibes.


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16 Best Date Spots in San Antonio

Colonial San Antonio! We have finally launched in this wonderful city! These are some of the best San Antonio date ideas that we have found Find some new friends on our app and check these places out.

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM – 12 PM

Magnolia Pancake Haus

Dubbed the “World’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes,” the pancakes at Magnolia Pancake Haus are a not-to-miss. At very affordable prices, Magnolia caters to a brunch and breakfast audience, offering all of the classics. Since 2000, Magnolia has been family owned and operated, making for a homely warm atmosphere.


French brunch and beignets at Nola are a highlight of San Antonio. With a good mix of both savory and sweet dishes, Nola is best known for its unique combinations of beignets. The restaurant has been running since 2012, when a couple opened it at a local food truck, and now is one of the most renowned brunch spots in San Antonio.

Friedrich Wilderness Park

If you’re looking to get active with your partner in the morning, Friedrich Wilderness Park is the perfect place to visit. San Antonio is also home to plenty of parks and trails to explore. Friedrich is home to over 10 miles of hiking trails and is internationally known for bird watching for rare birds. 

Barrio Barista

Need a pick-me-up? Barrio Barista is there for you. The rustic coffee shop is the perfect spot to have a quick morning coffee date. They offer creative coffee drinks and light fare, including tacos and burgers. 

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Natural Bridge Caverns

One of San Antonio’s most famous attractions is the Natural Bridge Caverns. These caves include a half of a mile tour of gorgeous limestone passages. In addition to tours, they also have above ground attractions, including a ropes course and gem and fossil mining. Don’t forget to grab a snack and a souvenir in their gift shop, too!


An afternoon stroll is great for sparking a conversation with you and your partner, and you can do just that at the San Antonio Riverwalk. The Riverwalk pathways are lined with historical buildings, beautiful nature, shops, restaurants, hotels, musical performances and more. 

The Original Donut Shop

Established in 1954, The Original Donut Shop is a San Antonio classic. The spot combines two eateries and serves up delicious donuts and breakfast tacos. It’s a great place to grab a quick casual bite with your partner.

Mi Roti

For a more casual vibe, visit Mi Roti, a Caribbean street food spot. Featuring roti, a flat bread popular in Caribbean cuisine, Mi Roti sells wraps, and small snacks and sides. Located in Pearl District, you can also hit up some shops after eating to walk around and explore the area.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM – 8 PM

Tower of the Americas

The 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas is the place to be to watch the sunset in San Antonio. The gorgeous observation deck has a panoramic view of the entire city, and they even offer 4D thriller rides. There are also two restaurants and a bar at the top of the tower.


Located inside of Hotel Havana on the Riverwalk, Ocho is a pan-Latin restaurant, pulling its influences from Mexico, Cuba, and Texas. The restaurant is also located in a beautiful glass conservatory, and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late night snacks.


If you’re looking for a sit down lunch with beautiful sushi rolls, Sushishima is the place to go. The cozy and inviting restaurant is a great place to have an authentic Japanese lunch. They offer not only a wide variety of sushi options, but also hibachi lunch options, entrees, bento boxes, and more.

Curry Boys BBQ

This fusion is sure to blow your mind: Curry Boys BBQ mixes up classic Texan BBQ with a Southeast Asian curry spin. They primarily sell Curry BBQ bowls at a fairly affordable price. If you want to spice up your dinner date by trying a new style of cuisine, Curry Boys is for you.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM – 12 AM

Cosmic Mayhem

A late night date couldn’t possibly be complete without some fun games. Blacklight minigolf at Cosmic Mayhem is a great place to start. This indoor 18-hole mini golf course is complemented well with the wide selection of bar options that the location has available.

Blind Tiger Comedy Club

If you and your partner are looking for a laugh, Blind Tiger Comedy Club is the place to be. This is San Antonio’s only underground 21+ comedy club featuring special guests every night starting at 10 PM, with a free secret show at midnight. 

Halcyon Coffee Bar

Coffee at midnight? Yes, please! Halcyon Coffee Bar not only serves up delicious coffee, but also cocktails, mimosas, martinis, seltzers, and more. The establishment claims to be a coffeehouse by day, and a bar and lounge by night, making it the perfect place to have your afterhours date in.

Bar 1919

This chic speakeasy is great to have a couple of intimate drinks with your partner before rounding out the night. It’s centered on the prohibition era, aka 1919. The hipster bartenders offer up the classic drinks, charcuterie, and some unique creations.


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Los Angeles is also huge and can be a tough city to really settle in because of the fact it has so much to offer. We hope Couplr can be a way to find your tribe while doing everything LA has to offer. We also hope this connects visitors with locals to keep on coming back to sunny Los Angeles! 

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Talking About Exes: Three Things to Consider

It’s a subject that has been covered in many a sitcom episode: A lovelorn gal (or guy), trying to move on, spends an entire first date talking about an old flame. The message is clear. Talking about exes is a total no-no.

And most Americans agree. A 2017 study found that, across most demographic lines, only roughly one-third of Americans believe it’s ok to discuss past relationships on a first date. But while it’s true that talking about your ex too much can put a damper on a new relationship, that doesn’t mean that you should never talk about your past. 

Your previous relationships are part of what make you who you are, and it’s natural for your partner to be curious about them. These conversations can also bring you closer, if done right.

There are a few simple rules that will help you avoid the minefields while opening up to your SO. Read on for our list of three things you should consider when talking about past relationships with your partner.

Never compare

This should go without saying, but it’s best never to compare your ex to your present, in any way, shape or form. That way madness lies. Past relationships are in the past—and if yours isn’t, you’re probably not ready for your present one.

Consider your intentions

It’s all in the delivery, and your intentions matter. So think about why you are sharing. Is it to give your significant other important context about you and your past? In that case, go ahead. But if you’re venting about your ex because you’re still angry, step back and think about it first. That relationship is over; let it go and focus all your energy on your current romance. Best of all? There’s no downside to this approach

Put this relationship first

Talking about your ex should never make your SO feel worse about themselves. And some things don’t need to be shared. So keep the intimate details to yourself. Yes, even if your partner asks. You don’t want to open that box.

It’s surprisingly easy to overshare when talking about your exes. But these rules will help you navigate those treacherous waters and come out dry on the other side.

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