16 Cute Date Ideas for Philadelphia Locals

Philly Local Date Ideas

Our next city that we are excited to be launching in is Philly! Looking for some great spots for a Philadelphia date night? Well grab your favorite couple for your next double date at one of these local joints!

Morning, Breakfast & Brunch: 8 AM - 12 PM

Grab some breakfast at Beiler’s Bakery & visit the Museum of Illusions

Morning dates can be hard to set up because sleeping in is always so appealing. But, breakfast at Beiler’s Bakery is more than worth it. Their donuts are some of the best in Philadelphia. After the caffeine from your morning coffee kicks in, be sure to hit up the Museum of Illusions - makes for a great midmorning photoshoot and a fun time with your partner.

Sabrina’s Cafe

With just 5 locations, the Philly Art Museum location of Sabrina’s Cafe is also worth checking out for a nice brunch. It’s considered “THE brunch place of Philadelphia,” and offers New American cuisines. Though it’s usually a bit busy, it’s worth the wait because the cafe is so cute and has wonderful people and food.

The Landing Kitchen

The Landing Kitchen is a breakfast-all-day restaurant that serves everything from coffee and cocktails to sandwiches and gourmet toast. The rustic kitchen is a beautiful space to spend an intimate morning with your partner.

Front Street Cafe

This brunch spot is all about providing sustainable and healthy eats. In addition to the usual drinks, they serve all sorts of light breakfasts, with other heavier offerings as well, such as meat. Price-wise, Front Street Cafe isn’t all too bad either. If you’re looking to share a casual experience with couple friends, the Couplr app can help you match with the right pair today. Front Street Cafe would be a great casual brunch spot to meet up for a first double date!

Afternoon, Lunch: 12 PM- 4 PM

Have a picnic in the Morris Arboretum

Nothing beats a picnic date! The University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum is the perfect place to start. Grab some classic sandwiches, strawberry, champagne, cheeses, and the whole spread, and head over to the beautiful garden with sculptures and gorgeous plants. Maybe stop by later in the night too, for their Moonlight & Roses event to dance with your partner.

Take a romantic hot air balloon ride

If you’re looking for a more unique early afternoon date, taking a hot air balloon ride is definitely up there. You can also book an engagement or a wedding ride. The ride is approximately one hour, and they even treat you to champagne with the pilot. This makes for an absolutely unforgettable afternoon with your date.

Go axe throwing & grab some ice cream afterwards

Who doesn’t love casually throwing axes and letting some heat out? This fun and exhilarating activity is a great way to end the week and blow off some steam with your partner. To cool off, make sure to grab some ice cream from Weckerly’s, a Philadelphia-exclusive ice cream shop.

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The Love

The Love is a fine dining establishment serving American food. This restaurant is Aimee Olexy and Stephen Starr’s third collaboration, and Stephen’s 20th restaurant in Philly. If you’re looking for incredible food, The Love. is the place for you.

Evening, Dinner: 4 PM - 8 PM

Royal Boucherie 

End off your day with an elegant dinner at Royal Boucherie, another fine dining restaurant. Their short high-end menu is perfect for a fancy night out. Royal Boucherie also allows private events, so if you want you can bring a whole group in and have a more social couple’s night out!

Take a stroll in a vineyard

Romance is in the air… and wine! Check out these classic wine tastings at Crossing Vineyards. The 20-acre vineyard has a dozen different grape varieties, and makes for a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

Watch the sunset at the Longwood Gardens

Another romantic evening activity would be at the Longwood Gardens. Longwood features beautiful fountains, and hosts various events and performances throughout the year. If outdoor events are more your speed, you can bring in another couple to enjoy them with you. Download Couplr and start looking for couples in Boston that share the same interests as you. You can make a sunset date even better by grabbing some food nearby and making it a picnic — just you, your partner and your favorite double date pairing!

Have a romantic private date night at The Head and The Hand

Philly’s unique date spots never end- The Head and The Hand is a beautiful book shop that you can rent out for the whole night for a private date night. The nonprofit publisher and community bookstore is perfect for the book nerds who want to spend a couple of hours reading and sipping on some complimentary wine.

After Hours, Drinks & Small Bites: 8 PM - 12 AM

Libertee Grounds 

Get your competitive spirit ready for some mini golf! Grab some drinks at the bar and head over to the grounds where you can spend the night playing your partner in golf. Libertee has a great friendly atmosphere for a fun night out with your date.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Grab a bite to eat at the outdoor dining area, and watch the beautiful technicolored lights illuminate the floating gardens. The urban beach opens spring through the fall, and is especially popular during the night when the lights are turned on. It’s great for an intimate night out where you and your partner can just talk. 

The Library Bar at Rittenhouse

The Library Bar is considered one of the best hotel bars- until 10 PM, they also serve dinner. The modern style of the bar is a fancy, yet lowkey place to just spend some time with your partner. If you’re really looking to get fancy, consider a staycation at the Rittenhouse Hotel.

Thirsty Dice

Food, ice cream, drinks, and board games- what more could you need? The board game cafe has over 800 games to choose from, and is only $5/per person for 2 hours of unlimited access. It’s cheap and a casual place to have fun.

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