Fixer Upper: 4 Easy Home Improvement Projects

Summer is upon us, pandemic restrictions have eased, and hopefully you will find yourself with a little free time on your hands. But summer isn’t just a great time to enjoy being outside. The more relaxed pace makes this season a good time to tackle small home improvement projects around the house that can have a big impact.

From improving an unsightly corner of your home to upgrading a room, here are four ideas for easy summer projects that will invigorate and inspire you to flex your DIY muscle.

Give your half bath a facelift.

Changing the whole look of your guest bathroom can be as easy as replacing the mirror with a statement piece and adding a rug or new hand towels. If you’re willing to put in a little more work, consider a new paint job. Half bathrooms are typically small enough that it doesn’t take long—or much paint—to repaint the whole thing. The small wall area also means that you can experiment with bolder colors than you’d choose for a larger room. Try a deep copper or a vivid plum—or create a statement wall with stencils or wallpaper.

Reorganize a closet.

Warning: This project is addictive. Once you’ve redone one closet, you may want to do all of them. Making over a closet can be as simple as purging items you no longer need and reorganizing the ones you choose to keep. Or you can remove closet doors, install new hardware or turn an unused storage space into a fun office or reading nook.

Create a mudroom.

The entry of a house or apartment can be the hardest area to keep organized. You can help bring order to this space—and the rest of your home—with some clever organizational wizardry. Try removable self-adhesive hooks on a wall near your front door, with a boot tray or small shoe rack underneath. Having a place to keep your stuff will motivate you to put it away, and make it easier to find when you are trying to get out the door in a hurry.

Organize a collection.

Whether we’re talking purses, baseball caps, scarves, or ties, it can be difficult to keep a collection of items organized. If space is at a premium, try displaying them as art in a hallway. Or utilize the underused space on the back of a bedroom door. You can store purses or belts in a repurposed wall file organizer, or install decorative hooks for scarves and hats. Best yet, collect it all for donation!

A home improvement project like one of these is the perfect summer pastime. Happy DIYing!

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