Working Out Staying Fit Together

Working Out: Staying Fit Together

Working Out: Staying Fit Together

Let’s face it: life isn’t going back to normal anytime soon. The days of hanging out with friends and getting our party on are still but a lovely memory. So, what can we do to keep our connection with friends intact while also making the Covid-19 days bearable, productive, and dare we say fun? We get fit of course.

You’ve heard it said before…friends that sweat together, stay together. And there is actually scientific proof of that. In a study published by Santa Clarita University, it was determined that we humans love to gravitate toward the exercise behaviors of those around us. The study showed that we are 95% more likely to finish a workout program if we do it with a buddy.

Of course, this isn’t only amazing news for our waistline but also to our relationship and friendships. If we are most likely to finish a program by doing it with our friends, this also means we get more bonding time with them.

We are very fortunate to live in a day in age where staying connected with friends is easier than ever. With apps like Nike Run Club, Strava, and Fitocracy to name a few, we can keep up with our friend’s achievements and challenge (or just join them) in everything from runs, to bike rides and hikes.

Doing these challenges as a couple adds an extra spark of motivation because, by nature, we tend to compete with other couples to gain their approval and validate our own relationship. As long as the competitiveness is being done in good fun and not hiding ulterior motives to put down our friends or our partner, this can be an excellent and healthy way to make the best out of our time.


The list of benefits to working out with friends this way is amazing.

  • You make up your own rules.
  • Most places you choose to attend are free.
  • You get to bond with your friends and special other.
  • You get to do all sorts of sight-seeing.
  • …and the list goes on.

Go ahead and put the word out… The challenge is on!

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