Building a Community that Becomes a Lifestyle

This app will help couples find other couples who share similar interests nearby to improve their double dating life!

This app will help couples find other couples who share similar interests nearby to improve their double dating life!

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Pooja and Sagar, Couplr App founders

Pooja & Sagar, Couplr App founders

Our Story

Couplr began as a service to meet the need of the co-founders. Sagar & Pooja were sitting on their couch trying to make plans for Labor Day Weekend 2018. As luck would have it, all of their friends had plans to be out of town. So began the search for new couples to spend their long weekend with! After a lot of Google searching and app scrolling, they came up empty-handed. How is it, that in 2018, a time when there are dating apps by the dozen, there wasn’t a platform for double dating?! Soooo, they decided to make one. That’s what this app is about. It’s about finding new friends, building new relationships, and creating a community of like-minded couples near you and your significant other. We hope you enjoy it for the purposes we created it for, as we are anxiously awaiting our first success with it too!

Meet the Founders

Pooja Couplr App founder

Pooja, CEO & COO

As a patient-facing healthcare provider by background (and as my day job), mobile app development and marketing are not exactly the first two things on my mind every morning. However, I found the passion for it during a portfolio project I had to do for one of my graduate school courses in which I had to learn how to create a basic prototype. As an art student my entire life, colors and gradients and eye-catching photos are treats for sore eyes. Bringing back that creative side for marketing (along with an amazing team), I help facilitate the true messaging for our app.

Sagar Couplr App founder

Sagar, CTO & CFO

Experienced entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert, and amateur track racer. Having built my now 11-year old IT company bootstrapped from the ground up, creating another company bootstrapped from the ground up feels like a walk in the park. I facilitate the overall vision, legal, and financial aspects of this app.

Humberto Couplr App founder

Humberto, VP of Product

Senior software developer and architect of our app. Coding and more coding are in my everyday vocabulary. I have a curious mind with a passion for problem solving and bringing those ideas to life. I always try to bring creative solutions and ensure things run smoothly in the development side.

The App

The App

Couplr acts as a community platform to bring like-minded couples together for socializing and fun! It aims to provide couples with the opportunity to find new friends in new places or even in their own hometown.

Whether you and your partner like to travel, fine dine or just stay in, Couplr incorporates all your interests and matches you with another couple of similar interests.

Simple – download the app, link accounts with your partner, match with interesting couples, and chat with those you want to meet. Couplr asks you for your interests, and uses them to find like-minded couples in your area.

Secure – Security is our number one priority. We spend extra time developing high-security protocols for Couplr to ensure the privacy of user data. User data is hosted in the USA.

No Ads. – Couplr is 100% free to use. No ads, no subscriptions and no in-app-purchases!